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    Emma was a prostitute who took pity on a homeless Katchoo

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    While in L.A. the homeless and starving Katchoo meets Emma on the streets. She can see beauty in this young girl and offers her a way off the streets. She feds her and brings her back to health on the understanding that when she is well she will work with her. 
    She introduces the young Katina to the world of high class escorting and she is a hit, being young and beautiful. They work for Darcy Parker entertaining important guests and eventually also creating incriminating photos for blackmailing purposes.

    Katina does many things she is not proud of at this time but nevertheless she earns very good money, working in Hollywood for rich women and in New York with businessmen. She and Emma fall in love and after one last big job for Darcy they buy a home on Hawaii and live together.  
    Later when Katchoo returns to Francine she keeps on disappearing after mysterious phone calls. Eventually David gets some of the story from her and then gives it to Francine as well and they find out she has been flying to Canada to visit Emma who is dying of A.I.D.S. in a home. Emma passes away as the snow falls and David and Francine arrive and wait for their friend to come out of the room so they can take her home.  
    Despite her death her presence is often felt by Katchoo who dreams of her and their time in Hawaii often.


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