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I am a huge Emma Frost fan, so I was very keen to read AvX. My heart dropped when Cyclops "killed" her to take her part of the phoenix. The shock, pain, anger, sadness, disappointment, and turmoil she must have felt at must have been too much for any character. And now, she and Scott are no more. I am sad and happy for different reasons. I am sad for Emma because she truly loves Scott more than anything else, and I hope the break isn't permanent. However I am happy that she isn't tied down to him anymore. She finally has a new chance to be written as the strong independent female she used to be.

Now I am angry that they took away her powers. Her telepathy was her bread and butter! How dare Marvel take away her bread and butter! How will she live? Yeah she has her diamond form, but brute strength only takes you so far in the Marvel omniverse. The only way they can appease me is if they allow her latent telekinesis to finally surface and allow her to use it in diamond form.

Marvel better not brush her aside to the supporting character of some fringe group.

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@Agent9149: I agree with p.much all you said! I hope emma can really get back in to focus now she hasn't got the pressure of supporting scott. I was too really annoyed they took away her telepathy - since it was her 'anchor'. But then again, that only makes it more interesting. By taking this away, we can see Emma as EMMA not just the 'telepath'. I hope they cherish this time and develop her character and make her understand truly how important her telepathy was :)

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@queenfrost_: perhaps losing her powers can give the writers to give her more emphasis on the story. In many issues she was just the team telepath, a role that could be replaced with many other characters. They would have to be creative and not lazy.

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