What were her differences as a member of the Phoenix 5?

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I won't read them until it goes to graphic novel and I get if from the the library or to Marvel Online. I have her in a battle and all I have seen is scans of her kicking Thor's butt.

Can she TP while in diamond form?

Can she TK?

How much did her TP improve?

Can she fly?

Any scans would help

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I don't remember seeing her in diamond form in the main series and that was all I bought. She can use TK, her TP improved to the point that she could use it to sense minds in K'un Lun which is in another dimension. She could fly.

Sorry, I have no scans.

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@guttridgeb:Thanks, any info is of help.

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differences was pretty much everything, the P5 could do anything i think they wanted. They seemed to come in, blow shit up and leave. Their powers didn't really come in to play, I mean take colossus for example. As a member of the Phoenix 5 he could part the seas, and give whales legs pretty sure that isn't a by product of his power. The others all pretty much did the same thing, which was what ever they wanted.

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I believe AA showed that she could TP while in DF.

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i think with phoenix force she can use tk but without it she cant

it happened in phoenix:endsong

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Her diamond form strength now matches the strength of thor. She's immortal in diamond form and has strong enough telekinesis to choke red hulk and wolverine at the same time. She's now constantly in the minds of every person on the planet at the same time. She's also able to generate and control cosmic flames.

She had telekinesis before but it was very minor and the most we saw of it was her levitating a few kitchen utensils.

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