Emma Frost Friend or Foe

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I think the title says it all is she really a friend or she an enemy that's waiting to betray the x-men when it's most convienent for her? 
Is she really in love with scott or is she just attracted to the power that his being leader gives her? 
Will she leave Scott for Namor or will she be true to him? 
Does she have her own agenda or is she really genuine when she says she wants to help the X-men? 
And does she really need to be a snarky b*tch to every one she comes in contact with?
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She always has her own agenda. But she's natural good, if you read the her mini. She has once lost her trust in goodness and love due to her father and sister and other people around her. Also great power corrupted her, made her  believe that she can play the world in her hand. Only after the death of Hellions did she realize what meant the greatest to her. But whatever she's a helper than heroine. Both super heroes and villains trust her and doubt her.

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 Emma’s been a villainess, a masterful manipulator, a young’s mentor, and a heroine. Of course she’s never been someone like “mother-jean”, but she’s proven herself time after time to be an excellent x-men. Wolverine has a horrible past. So did x-23, rogue… not to mention magneto. So why do you people thought that emma will betray the x-men and back to the darkness? In fact, the more I read about her story, the more I believe that she is, will be an absolute hero. And I thought emma is the only one whose purpose has never been changed that wanted her students to be independent and strong and trained them to defend the world that would kill them. Emma is the best character in the x-men for me. Such depth, dimensions, fun......and breasts

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I like Emma being good, and so far that seems to be what she's aiming for at the moment.

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As Emma said She by definition is her own best friend, so whatever puts her in a better position she will do. No matter if shes in love or not. I like the way she is cause she put her agenda first. And the bitchy ways she has is just amusing.  
Its funny for me to say this cause im a Jean (or mother-jean as said above) fan. But i just love/hate both of them.
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She's started as a villain, she's more interesting as a villain and she acts like a villain.  If she's not a villain; she should be.  I think she is.

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