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"HIGHER LEARNING" pt. 2. A young Emma Frost continues to explore the ramifications of her blossoming powers...

Emma was finally able to regain consciousness in the nurse's office. She discovers that the mid-terms were rescheduled because of her passing out. Emma returns to class to see Matilda Brant making fun of her by saying she passed out on purpose to watch MTV. After school, her teacher talked to her about her passing out and screaming. Emma kept denying that it was anything serious and she goes home. When she got home, she finds out her father had found out she passed out because she "skipped breakfast." Her father fires the maid for not feeding his daughter and Emma tries to persuade her father that it wasn't the maid's fault. Emma is then confronted by her brother Christian and asks why she hasn't told them about the voices, he then tells her that he is going to tell their parents. Emma then displays her psychic abilities by revealing Christian's dirty secrets, he then backs off of her. The next day, Emma was so worried about the mid-term because she hasn't studied. Then all of a sudden she heard voices, they were the answers to the test and then Emma got an A on it. During fencing, Matilda accuses Emma of cheating and then they fenced against each other. Emma realizes that she could hear what Matilda was thinking and beats her easily. Emma is later forced to retake the midterm because of suspected cheating, to her surprise she got a perfect score again. However, Emma admits to her teacher that she left some of them blank on purpose. As it turns out, her father had pulled some strings to get her a perfect score.



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I raced through this issue just like I did the first.  I must say, it did not disappoint.  Emma is still the girl trying to fit in.  She's working hard on her grades, but it seems everyone is against her.  Everyone but a teacher that seems to care about her.  Wants to help her succeed.  For most of the issue, she's still a normal girl, there are no signs of the mutant to come.  It really is a story about a girl fighting to fit in and fighting to get some respect from an uncaring mother and an ov...

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