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In the early 1990's came to life on hand-screens t-shirts and stickers and became quickly a popular icon among alternative-minded young women and girls who identify with her signature singularity. In her earliest years, she was a quiet but sharp-witted stranger, slinging philosophy and cultural observations.As her presence grew she became a standard in the cultural underground, Emily's own story began to emerge in a series of gift books, then comic-books and graphic novels, and now a novel series for young adults.

Emily became more and more an example for individualism and self-awareness and reminds us all to cultivate that which makes us unique.


Unlike usual 13-year old girls pink is Emily's worst nightmare. She wears the same simple black dress all the time.

She has long black hair with bangs. Always followed by her gang of cats. She loves maths and science and likes to listen to Punk and old Rock, but also digs newer bands like My Chemical Romance (which lead singer Gerard Way was featured in her Dark Horse comic book, Revenge at Last!)

She likes to work in her lab and create Zonster.

DO IT YOURSELF! is one of her slogans. GET LOST! is another. I WANT YOU...TO LEAVE ME ALONE! is her favorite.

Emily is an artist, an inventor, a dreamer, a scientist and a skater.

Her cats

Emily has four cats Mystery, Sabath, Miles and Nee Chee. Each of them are Different from each other.

Other Media

Feature Film

Rob Reger has tried to make a movie for Emily since early 2000. Since September 2010, Chloë Grace Moretz has been cast as Emily the Strange. On August 2011, they hired Melisa Wallack to write the script. It is under the works of Illumination Entertainment. On September 2013, they got Kealan O’Rourke to rewrite the script.

Animated Music Video

On April 2013, Rob Reger made a Kickstarter to make Emily and the Strangers a Real Band. A month later the reached their Goal. On October 2013, Rob Reger released the Music Video and it is called "Calling all Guitars".


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