Emily Reed

    Character » Emily Reed appears in 24 issues.

    Emily Reed is Firebird, a superhero name she shares with her mother. They are a duo that fight crime.

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    Emily Reed spent almost her entire life away from her mother and living in prep schools. She never knew why her mother didn't want her living with her, but she never really cared for living away from her family. One day her grandfather showed up saying that her mother had been injured and only a blood transfusion from her could save her life. Emily didn't understand why at first until her grandfather told her the one thing that everyone that knew had kept from her. Her mother was the super-heroine Firebird.

    To say that Emily did not take this well would be an understatement. She couldn't believe that everyone she love had concealed this from her. Even her mother's doctor knew the secret. She also didn't like that now that she was finally adjusting to being away from home that she was being pulled out of school and brought home. Rebecca explained that now that her powers were manifesting, that she would need to learn how to utilize them properly. Emily was perplex until her mother pointed out that in her fit of rage, she'd burned part of Rebecca's hospital room wall.

    Once she was well Rebecca began training Emily how to control fire and eventually how to fly. Emily loved it.

    A very short time later, the villain who had almost killed her mother broke free from his prison escort and came looking for Firebird. A very raw Emily donned her Firebird costume and sought him out. Emily did not fair well but luckily the timely arrival of Rebecca saved her.

    Emily and her mother have made several appearances in Dynamo 5, set in the same shared image universe as Firebirds, Noble Causes and other Image superhero books. When the Dynamo 5 disbanded Emily and her mother were recruited to fill in. Rebecca and Emily were disabled by the the supervillain Firebreak (a pyrokinetic) and she was injured again by Zero. The Dynamo 5 returned and Visionary saved Emily and Rebecca. Emily has taken a liking to the Visionary (Hector Chang) and was further won over when he visited her mother in the hospital and brought her flowers. The two went on their first date, which led to them training at the Dynamo 5 base, and ultimately led to their first kiss.

    Hector and Emily began dating much to Rebecca's initial approval. Emily was the more aggressive of the pair, due to Hector's overall shyness. When the sons of Dominex, come to Earth to restore their family's honor the offspring of those champions (Supreme, Captain Dynamo & Omni-Man) accept the challenge. During the fight, and upset that Hector appears to be flirting with Angel Dragon, Emily launchers herself into the fight only to be critically injured when one of the sons impales her with a street sign. Hector leaves to battle only to return with a suit that amplifies his strength. He kills the three sons to ensure that their descendants would never come to Earth seeking to restore their honor. Rebecca lashes out at Hector for allowing Emily to fight the sons upon learning who they were.

    Some time later Rebecca authorizes to have Emily's powers suppressed until her daughter is older, despite her protests.


    Emily Reed is a pyrokinetic giving her control over fire. She is also capable of flying by manipulating thermal updrafts.

    She is the same blood type as her mother and is the only person who can give her a blood transfusion (and vice versa).


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