Emily Rand

    Character » Emily Rand appears in 6 issues.

    Attorney for Victor Creed. A character from Earth-4011, Wolverine: The End.

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    Emily is part of Earth 4011

    At some point in the future Victor Creed finds religion and tries to make peace with God and his fellow man. On one of the steps to redemption Victor hires Emily Rand as attorney for his estate. He would often speak very highly of Logan to Ms Rand, and often talk about their differences as well.


    Emily Rand was created by Paul Jenkins for his 6 issue mini series, Wolverine: The End.

    Major Story Arcs

    Wolverine The End

    For more information see: Wolverine: The End

    Logan and George attend Sabretooth's funeral and afterwards, Logan is approached by Emily. She introduces herself as Victor Creed's attorney, and tells Logan that although Victor and Logan never saw eye to eye Victor respected Logan. She goes on to tell Logan that Victor felt saddened that Logan insisted on living in the ancient past. Before Logan can say anything back she pulls out a letter and says according to Victor the letter was for Logan. Emily then leaves never watching Logan sniff or open the letter that leads him to the Howlett Estate.


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