Emily Preston

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    An agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. who recruited Deadpool to be a part of a top secret S.H.I.E.L.D. mission that involved killing undead United States Presidents.

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    Emily Preston was recruited to SHIELD and slowly began climbing the ranks. In her first appearance, her superior insinutates she has a reputation for discretion that SHIELD Director Maria Hill can trust.


    Preston was created by writers Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn and artist Tony Moore. Jordan D. White edited the book.

    Major Story Arcs

    When rogue SHIELD agent Michael the Necromancer begins to raise presidents from the dead to fix the United States, Captain America intercedes, decapitating a reanimated Harry Truman. Agent Preston, on possibly her worst birthday, is assigned by her superior Agent Gorman to solve the problem discretely. She hires Deadpool in order to ensure the public is not exposed to images of its heroes fighting its former executive officers, and tries to keep the so-called "merc with a mouth" pointed in the right direction. The two begin working closely as Deadpool slowly re-kills each president. During a debriefing session, George Washington teleports aboard the SHIELD Helicarrier and snaps Agent Preston's neck. Before she passes to the other side, however, Michael the Necromancer transports her mind into Deadpool's.

    From inside of Deadpool's mind, Agent Preston helps her bodymate, Michael the Necromancer, and the disembodied spirit of Benjamin Franklin to transfer her conscience out of Deadpool's head and back into her own body. She gets sidetracked, however, and steers Deadpool's body to her home, where they crawl through her son's window to check up on him. Her son Jeff wakes up and Deadpool assures him that his mother is alive. Agent Preston is then along for the ride as Deadpool kills a few people on a demon's hit list while trying to find a suitable replacement for Agent Preston's mind to go into.

    Preston assists Deadpool in an adventure in North Korea; her knowledge is vital in shutting down an mutant powers camp experimenting on and killing unwilling, unwitting prisoners. She also tries to assist when the efforts to lead her back to a body end with Deadpool battling an army of nation-hating terrorists called ULTIMATUM. Also assisting with the latter effort is SHIELD superstar agent Phil Coulson.

    Later, with a magical assist from Doctor Strange, the process to put Preston into a Life Model Decoy of her own body goes on. It's sabotaged by a terrorist survivor but ultimately comes down to Deadpool himself. He must let her go. He has doubts as he will miss Preston but he realizes her happiness is more important and lets her go. She is reunited with her husband and son.

    As a cyborg, Preston becomes a more valued agent to SHIELD. For example, she is able to detect heartbeats through a dust cloud and take down her target, an ULTIMATUM terrorist.

    She continues to provide physical and emotional backup for Deadpool, as when he is found fighting in the streets with known killer Crossbones. She's later surprised by his quickie marriage to a vampire but is happy for him, as the woman fights on the side of good and seems to make Deadpool happy.

    Preston becomes the adoptive mother to Ellie Camacho, Deadpool's biological daughter.

    Secret Empire

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    Preston and her family on in their backyard, enjoying a barbecue.when Wade drops in. He tells her that he needs to find agent Coulson -stating it's a matter of life and death. He asks her where Phil's safe-house is. Preston says she's not going to tell him because it wouldn't be a safe-house if she did. Wade makes a deal with her -if she tells him he won't bother her or the family for an entire summer. The offer is too good to pass up, so she gives him directions. Unfortunately she is unaware that Deadpool was sent by Captain America to assassinate Coulson. After the hit is complete, Deadpool burns down the safe-house, but feels bad -wondering how he's going to tell Preston.

    A time-skip shows that Ellie is now living with Wade in Washington, but she isn't adjusting to her new life there. After continued trouble at school, she's finally expelled. As Wade takes her home, she tells him she wants her mom. Wade says he's already told her that Preston "had to go underground." Ellie wonders if he's lying to her and asks him again where her mom is. Following flashbacks reveal the truth.

    Preston is shown getting ready to take Ellie to school. Ellie calls for Preston to come see something. There's a dark dome appearing over Manhattan. Preston tells Ellie to go back inside because she's not going to school today and calls her husband, telling him to bring their son home as well.

    She is later picked up by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, who claim to be taking her to Manhattan so she can try to use her synthetic body to penetrate the dome. The agents are revealed to be brain-washed and try to apprehend Preston, who manages to fight them off and stuffs their unconscious bodies into the backseat as she drives.

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    She comes across Deadpool, who came to check on them when he saw the dome over Manhattan. Preston says it's good to see him and tells him to get in. She explains to him that S.H.I.E.L.D is compromised. The agents had some kind of whammy put on them, but her synthetic body isn't affected. Deadpool wonders what the plans is and she tells him they need to find Coulson because he knew something was going on, and now she understands why he had to go into hiding. Deadpool is silent upon hearing this -clearly feeling bad since Preston doesn't know he killed Coulson.

    During the drive, Preston notices that Wade hasn't talked in 50 miles, so she knows something's up. Wade says that they should head back to Manhattan because that's where all the action is, but Preston changes the subject, wondering what was so important that Wade needed to see Coulson about the other night. Wade hesitates and says Cap was worried about Coulson going dark and thought there were problems inside S.H.I.EL.D. He lies, saying he never found Coulson.

    Arriving at the town, they see Coulson's burned-down safe-house. Preston is confused about what happened because the area is off the books. Wade asks if it's possible Coulson could have burned it himself to cover his tracks, and Preston notes it as a possibility. She tells Wade to sweep the inside for her, which he agrees to do -clearly feeling uneasy about the situation.

    Preston goes to a surveillance camera and orders a playback for the last sighting of Phil Coulson. The video plays and Preston sees Coulson running into the safe-house with Wade following him inside, and the flash of the gunshot -revealing what really happened.

    Preston, devastated by this, cries for Phil and orders her body to disable her emotional response. She composes herself before Wade comes back, telling her he didn't see any sign of Coulson. He suggests Coulson may be working the case and that they shouldn't jump to conclusions. Preston agrees that they shouldn't let their emotions get the better of them. Wade asks what they're going to do now and Preston says she has to tell him something he may not know about Ellie. He smirks, asking what that could be and Preston punches him -saying Ellie considered Coulson an uncle.

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    She savagely beats Wade while interrogating him and demanding answers. Wade explains he was following orders from Steve Rogers, desperately trying to get her to understand where he was coming from. Preston continues to beat him while telling him she has been thinking up ways to kill him over the years. She was afraid someone would control his weak mind just like Butler did and nothing is scarier than being attacked by an unkillable puppet. She admits she never expected Steve Rogers would be his puppeteer. Continuing her brutal assault on Wade, she reveals how she plans to kill him. She's going to pull his limbs apart and dump them into a cement-filled steel casket. Then she's going to weld the casket shut and take a boat to the Atlantic, where she will drop him over the side.

    Wade lies bleeding on the ground, before finally speaking. He says he made a mistake ever trying to be good because all anyone ever wants him for is dirty work. He tells Preston she also made a mistake. When asked what that mistake was, Wade explains she got too close. He reveals a grenade, which he uses to blow them both up.

    Preston's mostly destroyed body tries to reboot. But she cancels and order her body to give her eyes now. As soon as she has visual, she sees Wade running a sword through her. He apologizes, saying she wasn't supposed to reactivate but a power-surge woke up her neural network. Preston curses him, saying he will burn in Hell for this. He sadly agrees before ripping out her power core, which causes her to shut down.

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    Wade looks down at her sadly, before kneeling and taking a small box from her. We later see him carrying a box that contains her destroyed body, and shipping the parts somewhere. He tells the worker that the shipping address is correct. He checked twice. He leaves the package with a warning to the postal worker that he will be killed if his package is mishandled. Afterwards, he goes to the Preston house to take Ellie. Wade gives her a helmet to put on, which Ellie snatches and flings on the ground, refusing to wear it. Wade tells her it's fine, but picks her up and carries her to his bike anyway. Nearby, Terry Jr. watches the scene with fear and confusion. His father tells him to stay inside, and he demands to know where his wife is, asking Wade to talk to him. Wade just tells him that Preston had to go "underground", before riding away with a confused and unhappy Ellie.

    The Despicable Deadpool

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    Facing the fallout Secret Empire, and completing his contract with Stryfe, Wade goes to his hideout underground to complain. It turns out, Preston's destroyed LMD body is who he's speaking to. He asks how her day went, and says he's trying to save their kids, but it's getting harder, not easier. Much later, his fight with the real Cap, Wade leads him underground & shows him Preston's body. He asks Steve to fix her, which the latter isn't sure he can do.Wade screams that he's Captain America, have an American fix her. He makes it clear that he's aware Cap ants him off the board, and he agrees. But, Preston is the only person he has any intention of surrendering to.

    We see a former SHIELD agent Linda sitting in her house watching t.v. Her husband scolds her for just sitting around and not even trying to find work, saying a new job isn't just going to come to the door. Just as he opens it, Cap is shown standing outside. He greets Linda, praising her as a wonderful tech for SHIELD, and he now needs her expertise for a job. Leaving with him, she asks what he needs. He explains he has an LMD body that needs TLC. She says she can help, but doesn't have any of her SHIELD gear, which Cap says he can recover. He needs her to help out a great agent, which she's eager to do.

    Sometime later, we see her exiting a room saying she did all she could. Cap is very thankful for her help. She warns him that he's not very welcome at the time, which Cap understands. He asks her to wait on deck and says he'll be up shortly. Cap knocks on the door, asking to come in. He concedes that the hardest part of leading is asking others to do things they don't want.

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    He says she's given her life for the country -twice, and her family is waiting for her somewhere. He understands if she'd like to drop everything to find them. She's earned it. Deadpool is his responsibility, but he asks if she'd join him in bringing Deadpool in. It's a matter of life and death for those after him. Preston emerges from the shadows. Getting out of her bed, she says Steve is very persuasive, and agrees to help end Deadpool.

    Deadpool 2099

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    Preston is a hologram in the year 2099. She's rescued by Ellie and rebooted by Wade. Back in action, she helps the two fight Warda and her gang who are causing trouble in Warda's attempt to find and release Shiklah. After the battle, Wade ends up inserting Preston's consciousness into Warda's head so that she can help Warda the way she helped him.

    Preston tells Warda that they're going to be roomies for a while and clean out her mind. She notes they're going to discuss a variety of topics, starting with civics. She asks if Preston really thinks she can change her behavior. Preston tells her she'd better hope so, or she'll end up having to be put away, like her mother. She mentions having done the same thing for Wade years ago and Warda wonders why Preston doesn't hate Wade too. Preston admits that she did use to hate him. He became despicable after The Avengers and hurt her more than anyone. But she admits it's important to let go of that hatred, because it destroys you. She eventually begins telling Warda about Stryfe. Wade tells her to listen to Preston before leaving with Ellie.

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    The epilogue at the end of the series shows the 2099 universe again. Preston is free again, and Warda appears to now be on the side of good, riding her dragon along with Ellie & Wade. This seems to hint that Preston was successful in guiding Warda like she was with Wade, and helping her finally make peace with Ellie & Wade.


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