Emily Crowe

    Character » Emily Crowe appears in 3 issues.

    One of the side characters in Desolation Jones, a beautiful women with a sad and personal power.

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    Emily Crowe is an attractive female who is now part of the L.A. underground intelligence scene, who due to a failed pheromone experiment emits a sense of Physical repulse a weapon that is useful when wanting to make someone to talk, The original idea was to make her irresistible to anyone and the idea back fired and she was sent to L.A to live out the rest of her life She is able to force people to tell her things when everything else has failed with simply being in the same room as the informant. But this has lead to her having a lonely live with no one wanting to be anywhere near her at any time. The only person able to withstand her with no effect is Desolation Jones, she feeds on this finally having someone to be with. She fear being alone and often has to hide all the sharp objects in the house so she does not kill herself. Jones often visits and stays with her only to keep her company. She in return gives Jones information that often helps in his investigation.


    Is a very pale woman who most would describe as goth. She has long black hair and wears long black dresses, she is very beautiful which also pains her because of her power.


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