Emily Cristy

    Character » Emily Cristy appears in 11 issues.

    Former Ms. America and nude centerfold, Emily Cristy became the head of Ceutotech, Inc's research division and came into conflict with Cassie Hack after the company abducted Vlad.

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    Emily Cristy is a former Ms. America title holder who later posed nude for 'Girlie' magazine. Afterwards, Cristy entered the pharmaceutical industry and eventually became head of Ceutotech, Inc's research division. In order for the company to remain competitive, the research and development department was encouraged to look for anything that may give them an edge including slasher genetics. Seeing as how slashers were able to recover from a variety of physical damage and even complete bodily shutdown, the medical and cosmetic applications seemed undeniable.

    Ceutotech hired a team of professionals to capture slashers for their research. Within the Regenerative Research Division, the company held slashers such as Mortimer Strick, X-O, Waking Man, Hibachi Devil, and Acid Angel. However, despite the time and effort, the company has only been able to capture those five in two years. The company hoped that, due to Cassie's experience and knowledge, they would be able to capture slashers more efficiently. However, when the dream-slasher Ashley Guthrie returned for revenge on Cassie, he freed the captured slashers and set them loose in the facility.

    During the course of the attack, Emily tried to save a sample of the liquid chemical derived from slasher DNA. Vlad tried to take the vial knowing only bad things would come of it's use, but Emily ran off only to be stabbed by Acid Angel. Not wanting to die, Emily used the chemical on herself and became a slasher. Slowly losing her mind, Emily held off the freed slashers long enough for Cassie and Vlad to escape the building.

    Emily was caught in the explosion which destroyed the facility. When the fire department responded to the emergency, they spotted Emily Cristy. Her body badly burnt, she attacked the fireman who tried to help her and walked off into the night. She was later captured and brought to the Crane Institute, a scientific organization also doing research on slashers. David Turek, a scientist at the Crane Institute, had had a childhood crush on Emily Cristy but was dismissed from the team when his infatuation clouded his judgement. Returning to the Institute in secret, David released Emily in hopes of her returning his affections. Cutting his hand, David let his blood fall on Emily's body which awakened the woman slasher. Killing David and taking his skin, Emily escaped and made her way to the east coast.

    In Brookline, Massachusetts at Franco-Belle College for Women of which Emily was an alumnus, Emily integrated herself into the student body, having taken the skin of a student named Eliza and joined the secret sorority known as the Tub Club, within which she was also involved during her college years. Unknown to Cristy, Cassie and Vlad were called to investigate the murders taking place around the campus. Gathering the Tub Club members in the caves below the school, Emily held a ritual ceremony which merged all the girls' skins with hers granting her ascension into a being called the Ourobouros. Cassie and Vlad confronted her and after an extended fight, Cristy was finally killed when Vlad impaled her on a stalagmite.


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