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Despite the outward appearance of a nineteen year old, Emilia is actually closer to one hundred eight. She stands around 5'5 (164 cm). Her eyes are of a purplish hue and her hair is a silver/white, she often wears it in different styles through the series.

Powers and Abilities

Spirit Contracts: Emilia has a working pact with a few quasi spirits, most notably Pack, a rabbit like entity, who aids Emilia in various ways.

Ice Brand Arts: Through her trails, Emilia gained magical abilities, her most prominent use of these are the conjuration of ice weapons, that she can manipulative at will. These constructs are strong enough to withstand fire.


Emilia is generally good natured and finds worth in helping others, however that is something she doesn't openly admit. She is not one for self grooming and leaves that responsibility to Pack. Despite the disconnect she has between the elves and the woods, she puts all effort to becoming the king of Lugnica.


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