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Emil is Mr. Smyth's right hand man and one of the men in charge of the mines. Emil believes all the slaves that work for Mr. Smyth are lower then cattle or the dirt they shovel. He feels slaves lives are worthless.

Emil is physically short and has a strange fascination with death and dieing.

Major Story Arcs


For more information see: Secret Six: Depths

Emil has to call Mr. Smyth down to the mines to help with a woman named Mina, who refuses to work. Emil then complements Mr. Smyth for getting the woman back to work by killing all her co-workers.

Some time later, Mr. Smyth sends Emil and Giuana to hire the Secret Six to protect the artifact, while its being transported to Devil's Island. Emil succeeds at this task and is with the team when they are shot down over Devil's Island. While they try to run away Emil stays with the plane and guards the artifact.

The team is later saved by Mr. Smyth and taken back to his headquarter, where they are told his plans to build the world's largest prison and to bring back legal slavery to the world. After dinner Emil take the team to there barracks, after showing them the prison so far.

Later after the Secret Six have a split, Emil is there to show, Catman, Deadshot and Ragdoll, Grendel, the beast in the artifact they were guarding. Then when everyone is gone, Emil releases Grendel who promptly kills Emil by chomping off his head.


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