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When Hope was separated from Cable after Messiah war, she went to the cleaner of the two city options. There she meet a young boy that was infatuated instantly. He wanted to know everything about her, but she trusted no one like Cable had taught her. He would bring her food and cloths, even though she refused to even tell him her name. Eventually she softened and allowed her self to care about him. Emil would do everything possible help her, even betray his father's trust.  
After two years of waiting, Cable arrived, he went to the unclean city looking for her, but was misidentified as his clone, Stryfe. He made a deal and was able to get to the clean city. Hope discovered that
Love Birds
Love Birds
Cable had arrived and went to find him, she saw him, but the Techno-Virus was taking over and he was very different. She ran from him back to Emil. Cable eventually found her again and convinced her that they had to go into space to avoid the danger here. She wanted Emil to come too, but he would not leave without his father. She refused to leave without him, but Cable dragged her away.   
Later Emil accompanies Bishop to find the ship that Hope was one. Emil, believing that Cable was the enemy and that Bishop was the one that truly cared for her, unaware that Bishop wanted her dead. Emil found Hope first and through the conversation realized that Bishop was not who he claimed. The two entered the ducts and went to get Cable. While trying to get to Cable, Brood began attacking the ship. Emil and Hope split up and she went to get Cable. Bishop and Emil find each other and then find Hope, Bishop plans on destroying the ship using the nuclear explosion, but is stopped. The brood attack and Hope gets away. He debates setting it of now, but realizes that he has to be looking at her when he does it to make sure that she dies.  

Places her in the pod
Places her in the pod
Emil and Hope find each other one last time and realizes that they can leave the ship, which is now in an air filled bubble. They travel to the other ship where Emil explains his plan to use the devices on board as escape pods. Hope sees that there is only two and wonders where Cable's is. She then realizes that Emil plans on it only being the two of them and Hope freaks out. Emil sedates her and puts her in one. Cable reaches them and convince Emil would never want this and that Cable is need to protect her. Emil lets Cable take the other pod and Emil lets them both go.  He dies on the ship shortly after.   
 He had uploaded his consciousness onto the escape pod Hope was in. He was able to help her when she awoke from stasis. 

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