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Emiko is the daughter of Robert Queen and Shado, but was raised by Simon Lacroix, also known as Komodo, after he kidnapped her from Shado when Emiko was still a baby. After a lifetime of training with the Outsiders, Emiko first saw combat when she came to Komodo's aid during his second fight with Green Arrow, managing to stick two arrows in him.

Green Arrow initially assumed that Emiko was Komodo's daughter, but learned the truth about her parentage when he rescued Shado from the fortress of Count Vertigo. She admitted to being Emiko's mother, but also revealed that Emiko was Oliver's half-sister.

Major Story Arcs

The Outsiders War

Emiko spent most of her life under the belief that her parents were dead. However, she learned the truth when both Shado and Robert appeared at the Outsiders' headquarters in Prague. Emiko's loyalties changed quickly after this, and Komodo attempted to kill her for this perceived betrayal. Robert managed to save his daughter, but died in the process. Emiko would later kill Komodo with a single arrow through his chest.


After the death of Komodo, Emiko made her way to her half-brother's home city of Seattle. She first came to Oliver's aid during a fight with Richard Dragon's Longbow Hunters, where she stated she was "the new Green Arrow." Oliver was not pleased with her claiming the title, saying that only he could use that name. Emiko also said that she wished to be Oliver's apprentice. He initially refused to do so, but after Emiko proved her own against both the Longbow Hunters and mobster Billy Tockman, he agreed to. However, she left Oliver to train under someone else shortly afterward.

Powers and Abilities

While she may not have any superpowers she is an excellent archer as having been trained by Komodo since she was a child she also appeared to be a competent fighter as well.

Alternate Realities

In the potential future of Futures End, which takes place five years into the future of the current DC universe, Emiko helps Green Arrow fake his death and recruit heroes to rescue the Earth Two superhumans that was being held prisoners on Cadmus Island. While recruiting Big Barda they were attacked by Fifty Sue and Deathstroke. They were able to repel the attack and join up with the rest of the Outsiders.

In Other Media


Emiko Adachi joined Arrow on seventh season played by actress Sea Shimooka. Emiko is the result of Robert Queen affair with Kazumi Adachi. After Robert abandoned Emiko and her mother Emiko began working for the Bertinelli Family as a courier until she met Dante, Dante took Emiko under his wing and initiate her into the Ninth Circle.

In 2018 Emiko began impersonating the Green Arrow whiles Oliver Queen was in prison in order to get his attention and trust when he gets out.


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