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Emerson Strange is from Mountain View, California and graduated from Stanford University in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. He is a founding member of and an inventor and designer for the all-out scientific super-group known as World Corp. 
Character Details / Questionnaire (from the pages of The Science Chronicle*):

Favorite Invention: Whatever new thing I'm working on at the moment.
Greatest Influence: Thomas Edison
Greatest Achievement: The actual name is yet to be determined, but for now, I'm calling it "The Everything Box" -- more news as it develops!
Greatest Ambition: Ubiquity. 

*The Science Chronicle is a fictional magazine in the comic Nowhere Men.

Character Creation

Emerson Strange was created by writer Eric Stephenson and artist Nate Bellegarde. He first appeared in Nowhere Men #1 published by Image Comics in 2012.

Character Evolution

Emerson Strange is one of the four co-founders and the voice of reason of World Corp. However, over the years the other member leave the company due under different circumstances. First Thomas Walker leaves or is expelled from the company when his behavior and drug abuse has made it impossible to continue working with him. Then, when a science experiments goes wrong and kills a few scientist, Emerson and Dade Ellis start arguing with Simon Grimshaw about the ethics and morals of World Corp. 
Later, Simon is the second co-founder who leaves the company for good when he decides to become  involved in "more personally fulfilling" pursuits. At about the same time, Dade Ellis disappears from the public eye. However, despite Emerson trying to keep this a secret, it is revealed in The Science Chronicle that Ellis' involvement with a long-running project have left him bed-ridden, and possibly comatose, with only Emerson Strange being the only one monitoring his condition. When Ellis finally awakes from his coma, he does not seem to recognize Emerson. 
Another situation that Emerson tries to keep secret from the public is the company's space station as well as the fact that all the twelve crew members have been infected by a mysterious virus that seems to affect everybody in different, unpredictable ways without any cure. While Emerson is hodling all the members under quarantine, the crew finishes work on a teleportation gate which seven of them use to leave the station and travel back to Earth somehow. However, when the next crew members enters the portal, his condition leads to some sort of chain reaction and massive explosion that destroys the entire station and sends its debris into the Earth's atmosphere.


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