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    Emerl was an ancient robot weapon from a by gone era found by Sonic and friends. The robot's potential (the ability to copy any move witnessed) soon earned Emerl favor with the group, leading to the robot becoming one of the fiercest fighters the series has ever seen under their tutelage; defeating most of the cast in friendly combat/obtaining their abilities. Regardless of media, Emerl's destructive weapons programming is activated and Sonic (or Cream) is required to again lay the weapon to rest.

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    Nocturne, home of Emerl
    Nocturne, home of Emerl

    Birth of a Weapon:

    4,000 years before the world Sonic now blazes through there were 2 powerful civilizations at war; both ruled by Echidnas but as different as night and day from each other. On the one side of the conflict there was the 'Knuckles Clan', a group of mighty tribal warriors who were tactically shrewd (worshipping a Serpent God) and on the other was the 'Nocturnus Clan' a nation scientifically driven and well accomplished in achievements (even surpassing modern standards set by Eggman and Mile Tails Prowler). Finding that they were dead even in this war against their Battle hardened foes, the Nocturnus Clan decided to direct their technological Inclination to building robots capable of giving them the edge, and they did just that.

    A Gizoid
    A Gizoid

    The product of the Nocturnus weapon's program were the 'Gizoids', artificial warriors with the unique ability to replicate any ability or weapon instantaneously after witnessing it. And while all these robotic warruord were decisively effective and deadly; the pinnacle of the Gizoid military research came in the form of 'Emerl', a robot with nigh endless data storage for abilities it could copy.... along with the key ability to empower itself significantly with Chaos emeralds. With these new elements added to the warfare (along with with the ability to mass produce these warriors) the Gizoids single-handedly turned the tide of the battle in the Nocturnus's favor.

    Witnessing the odds dwindling against their cause (particularly after the birth of Emerl), the Knuckles Clan decided to use the mystical power of the Chaos Emeralds to combat their foe! However, instead of the desired result, during their haste to covet the gems they upset the God of Destruction 'Chaos' and it in turn used the mighty Chaos Emeralds to wipe all traces from the Knuckles clan from the face of the Earth (save for a few individual echidnas). After such mass destruction, the Nocturnus Clan was left unchallenged to conquer the surrounding world as they saw fit and celebrated, until an extremely powerful entity known only as 'Argus' immediately transported their own civilization into an alternate dimension....except for the lone Emerl. It would be 4,000 years before anyone would stumbled upon in ancient weapon of the Nocturnus ....

    Rediscovering a weapon, creating 'Emerl':

    Thanks to Gerald Robotnik, Emerl/Shadow was given Maria's pure soul.
    Thanks to Gerald Robotnik, Emerl/Shadow was given Maria's pure soul.

    40 centuries since the fall of those 2 mighty nations, the Gizoid is found in a scientific research warehouse with many other antiques and treated with the same general lack of regard... until one fateful day with a special researcher. Gerald Robotnik is experimenting with Chaos Emeralds to further his research on 'Project Shadow' when he notices the robot activate and react as the Emerald's energy output spikes. Doing his due research on the robot, he discovers it is a powerful relic of the Nocturnus clan and finds disturbing tablets that suggest the disappearance of the entire nation may be due to the very robot. Naturally this concerned him, and when linking Emerl to his most powerful computers to learn more he finds it crashes them due to the sheer reams of data stored in the Gizoid... most of which is about melee combat and deadly weaponry it would recreate once in full power. The doctor investigates further and discovers showing the Gizoid immense power can get the Weapon to follow your wishes so he fires every model of gun he has in front of it to do so and indeed the Gizoid 'Links' with him, swearing loyalty. This stalls for time quite well, until Gerald learns the higher ups have concerns about 'Project Shadow', and in an effort to stall for time for his main research he gives up the Gizoid but not before commanding it to never absorb dangerous technologies. Later he hears that government officials displayed greater firepower than he (establishing an link that supercedes his) and now have the Gizoid absorbing technology and weapons, the result.... was the utter destruction of most of the space station. Seeing personally the results after the absorbing of just 1 Chaos Emerald, Gerald feared the Earth itself might be decimated if all 7 were gathered and since Gerald could not understand much less destroy the highly advanced being (though he tried both) Gerald installed a AI-Emotional program that would override his destructive programming. The words used to activate this programming for Emerl were "Bring hope to Humanity", the last words uttered by his deceased Granddaughter Maria to Shadow....., and fitting as both Battle weapons would be outfitted with a 'soul' or outlook similar to that of the innocent girl. It was this program that turned the combat robot the soul that Sonic and friends grew attached to through their adventure, and allowed Emerl to become his own person.

    'Events of Sonic Battle'

    Sonic's story:

    After Eggman unwittingly discarded the powerful weapon, Sonic discovers the Gizoid on a beach and by throwing supersonic punches upon request established a link with the Gizoid. Sonic then introduces the Gizoid he named 'Emerl' to Knuckles and Tails, from there his introduction into the World of Sonic began under the tutelage of the hedgehog himself.

    • Chaos Emerald(s) gained- 2 (From Eggman/Knuckles)
    • Foes Emerl defeats- Knuckles/Tail's computer*

    *(Emerl was hooked up to the his computer and crashed the whole computer due to the advanced tech and raw data being analyzed).

    Tail's story:

    Just before Tail's computer crashed, he spotted that Emerl's structure was built for combat and became curious. From there he got permission from the Gizoid's sparring teacher, Sonic, to take the robo to the Central Government building for an in-depth inspection on their new friend. After a little help from hey were able to access government computers and find out Emerl was created with Super science to be a weapon of mass destruction, but before they could find out how to "cure" him Government officials came in droves to take them down. Tails and Emerl escaped, getting back to the hangout spot with Sonic to talk on how to stop the possible destruction but keep their new friend all the same.

    • Chaos Emerald(s) gained- 0
    • Foes Emerl defeats- N/A

    Knuckle's story:

    Once our Red Echidna gets wind of the Gizoid's ability to gain power with Chaos Emeralds and potent combat abilities, he instantly wants IN on the action! After picking Emerl up, he and the Gizoid battle countless Bad guys until they discover Eggman himself. Eggman manages to paralyze Knuckle's muscles with a weapon, but the Gizoid helps his now "Partner" escape unharmed. In gratitude Knuckles gives the Gizoid a Chaos Emerald and Challenges him to an all out fight. Emerl emerges victorious, and a content Knuckles heads back to Angel Island.

    • Chaos Emerald(s) gained-1
    • Foes Emerl defeats- Rouge/Knuckles

    Rouge's Story:

    Sent on a mission from the President himself, Rouge is to find Emerl and monitor the Gizoid so it doesn't become a threat. After she finds out how powerful it is however, she plans to train and break Emerl in.... so can become a world class jewel theif for her (while techincally "monitoring" him). Tricking Sonic into giving her Emerl's ear and Kidnapping him from Amy, Rouge instantly shapes up Emerl via fighting to successfully steal a Chaos Emerald... one he later abosrbs. Sonic, Knuckles and Tails all arrive to fight Rouge and after holding them off in combat for an extended time she decides it's not worth it and they take Emerl home.

    • Chaos Emerald(s) gained-1
    • Foes Emerl defeats- Rouge

    Amy's story:

    Sonic is teaching Emerl combat techniques on the beach when Amy arrives, leaving Sonic no choice but to dip (but telling Emerl to watch out for her just before leaving). Seeing Emerl as her and Sonic's baby, Amy looks out for him and helps him collect an emerald, while training him via "Boxercise"..... which is what Amy calls her rigorous fighting routine. After gaining the emerald for Emerl and strengthening him, she didn't get that kiss from Sonic but shes closer than ever. Or so she eternally believes <3.

    • Chaos Emerald(s) gained-1
    • Foes Emerl defeats- Amy

    Cream's story:

    Amy, fresh after boxercising with Emerl, decides to go get a super die at machine and leaves Emerl with Cream and her Chao. Bad idea, because while Emerl is a indeed fierce fighter, Eggman uses a machine to completely paralyze the weapon and kidnap the little Rabbit via force. Finally breaking out of captivity, Emerl and Cream have to fight their way out and while Cream didn't want to participate in the violence at first, after watching Emerl willingly take a beating because she told him fighting wasn't the way she gains her fighting drive and they both escape. Cream learns sometimes fighting is necessary and Emerl learns fighting should be done for those you care about.

    • Chaos Emerald(s) gained-1
    • Foes Emerl defeats- N/A

    Shadow's story:

    Shadow has awakened from a weakened state, and after being spoken to by Emerl in a dream he instantly seeks for the fellow war machine. Finding him with Sonic, he gets Sonic's blessing to take Emerl to Eggmans base so that they may both inquire why they have 'Souls'. Rouge shows up (having read Eggman's restricted files of Gerald) and explains they both had Maria's morality implanted in them and how they can leave their weapon nature behind. Both oblige. Shadow is not yet satisfied and decides to see who is the Strongest weapon, in the end Emerl emerges victorious.

    • Chaos Emerald(s) gained-1
    • Foes Emerl defeats- Sonic (held back), Tails, Knuckles, Rouge, Amy, Cream, Shadow, and Sonic+Shadow fighting together.

    Emerl's Story:

    Eggman panicks and borderline falls ill at the thought that Emerl has gained the 7 Chaos Emeralds and now has a personality shaped by the pure Sonic team. He comes up with a desperate, All-cards-in plan to revert the Gizoid to his will of world wide subjugation. He challenges Emerl to a one on one duel, losses horribly, and right as it appears he's lost he fires his most powerful weapon 'Final Egg Blaster' at a group of stars.... causing multiple supernovas that he forces Emerl to observe. This incalculable amount raw energy overloads Gerald's peaceful programming and sets the Gizoid back to his world ending programming. The Gizoid turns the blaster towards earth next... to destroy all as he was programmed. Seeing no choice, Sonic is forced to fight the super machine (Ult. Emerl) under 30 seconds for the sake of Earths survival and defeats his pupil who implodes harmlessly due to the damage inflicted. Before imploding, Emerl comes through his programming through force of will to wish the cast goodbye, recalling every soul he met and wondering if he should be happy he was born, before harmlessly disappearing forever. But he was not forgotten by the ones who loved him as Emerl.

    Powers and Abilities (links included):

    Ultimate Emerl
    Ultimate Emerl

    Being created by a civilization more advanced than anything currently in Sonic, Emerl's creation is referred to as "Super Science" and as the pinnacle of that science Emerls abilities fit the bill. There are 2 arguments as for how strong Emerl truly is in his Ult Form... they go as follows:

    A). After absorbing the power of the 7 Chaos Emeralds + the energy of multiple Suns, Ult. Emerl, who was hinted at throughout the series as being a Plant level in base, is Star lvl due to the energy absorbed..... straight forward and technically true.

    B). Universally agreed on is Ult. Emerl was immensely powerful even for Sonic standards. Having all the advanced weapons/combat data of his era, plus Sonic and friends every move enhanced by near infinite amounts of energy made Emerl fatally OP. Everyone from hypersonic hedgehogs, Steel busting martial artisits, and Spatial warpers were defeated by Emerl before his upgrade into Ultimate Emerl. Statements below are descriptions of his abilities in Ult Form (according to his advanced civilization):

    • He was exponentially faster than Sonic (who is AT LEAST Mach 1 in-game, when holding back) and is comparable to Shadow's teleportation speed stats wise. Ult. Emerl's movement is Instantaneous even to established supersonic speedsters.
    • Ult. Emerl can accelerate at such velocities he scorches the Earth he touches (Mach 5)
    • His basic punches/kicks surpass merely igniting the air, they actually make individual molecules cause powerful explosions
    • When curling into a ball, he is clocked at moving lightning speed
    • When Ult. Emerl jumps he can reach heights of at least 6,000 ft (touch the clouds)
    • If given the chance, he can heal from all damage dealt near instantaneously
    • He kicks his opponents with so much power the solid ground beneath him is destroyed and massive rocks that remain hit his opponent along with the initial kick
    • His hypersonic back flip affects the natural world and causes a Vortex/Tornado
    • Emerl can spin so violently that it causes massive Sonic booms that surround every direction of the Gizoid
    • Emerl can summon at least 3 Meteors from the Sky at once to put down opponents
    • Ult. Emerl uses Spatiokinesis to appear in 3 places at once, surrounding an opponent, and releasing a blast that warps space itself with the opponent caught in the middle

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