Emerald Warriors

    Team » Emerald Warriors appears in 9 issues.

    Guy Gardner, Kilowog, and Arisia forming a new Team they are called the Emerald Warriors. They bring down the law in all unknown sectors.

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    Guy Gardner convinces the Guardians of the Universe to allow him to go into the unknown sectors in search of enemies yet unknown. The rationale for the search was prevent disasters similar to recent events that threatened the universe. Prior to contacting the Guardians, however, Guy made a secret pact with the Guardians, Atrocitus and Ganthet.

    Early in the story Guy still displays connections to the Red Lantern Corps. Several instances show him struggling with subsiding his rage and the Red Lantern Blood from coming from his mouth. Early in the story Guy attempts to be "purified" of the Red Lantern taint by visiting Odym. However, Bleez interviews and tells Guy that he must use the Red Lantern Rage to aid him in his battle. Also on Odym, Guy learns that for unknown reasons the Green Lantern rings are being drained of their energy.

    After reaching the unknown sectors, Guy is overcome by the Red Lantern Rage and vomits a red lantern construct of Atrocitus who explains that the prophecy is now coming to fruition. It is also evident that the Prophecy is what drove the, as yet unknown, pact between Lantern Gardner, Atrocitus, and Ganthet. Images from the prophecy show Guy and Hal Jordan fighting each other viciously, the entities attacking Lanterns and other people, Sodam Yat and his army rising, and Green Lanterns fighting other Green Lanterns. As Guy prepares to explain the rest to Kilowog and Arisia, they are attacked by Zardor and an army of controlled Green Lanterns with a strange symbol replacing their GL insignia. The group is lead by Sodam Yat who seems to be under the same mind control. Zardor soon reveals to the defeated Lanterns that Krona had tapped into Sodam's powers and turned him into a living battery to drain the Green Lantern Corps, which is why the main battery is losing power. Zardor in turn used Yat for his own plans for revenge over the GLC.

    Eventually Arisia gets the upper hand against Zardor with the help of Kilowog and free Guy from Zardor but when Arisia tried to convince that Sodam was being used by Zardor, he still sided with his controller. Zardor soon fled with Yat and other Green Lanterns he had under his control saying: "Enjoy the war." It was soon after that Guy finally came clean with Kilowog and Arisia about what the pact with Atrocitus was really about. Ganthet had learned through Guy that Krona was behind the thefts of the various emotional entities and that his plan was turn corpsman against corpsman as his blood vision had told him. However, they did not know how Krona intended to do this or how but knew the truth was within the unknown sectors and that the upcoming war would effect both the Red Lanterns, Sinestro Corps and Green Lanterns so badly, it would ensue massive death and destruction on par with the Blackest Night. Furious that the truth was hidden from them, they still sided with Guy in an attempt to stop the War of the Green Lanterns from happening but were soon called to Oa, as a "situation" with Hal Jordan needed to be addressed.

    The story continues in War of the Green Lanterns.


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