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    Embra is the daughter of Tugg, chief of the prehistoric Horse Tribe. She was betrothed, and later married, Anthro.

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    Prehistoric Origin

    Embra is the younger daughter of Tugg, chief of the prehistoric Horse Tribe. Embra enjoyed her life, often swimming and playing with Donta, her pet woolly mammoth.

    One day, while swimming, Embra was witnessed by Anthro, son of an exiled chief of the Bear Tribe. Anthro fell in love with Embra, and when Embra found out about Anthro, she fell in love with him as well. However, due to Horse Tribe laws, Embra's older sister Ita must be married off first.

    Anthro came to the Horse Tribe, asking for the Chief's daughter in marriage. Tugg, after putting Anthro through various feats of strength, Tugg offered him Ita's hand, not Embra's. Anthro fled, and Embra chased him. When Embra and Anthro caught up, Embra professed her love to Anthro, giving him a tribal statue as a bond of their love.

    Later, when the Horse and Bear Tribes worked together to merge, Tugg and Anthro's father Ne-Ahn figured out a way to marry off Ita and Embra. Ita was married off to a member of the Bear Tribe, Grog, allowing Embra and Anthro to be wed. However, before the ceremony ended, another woman of the Bear Tribe, Nima, claimed Anthro for her own. Neither Embra and Nima would back down, and tribal law stated that the two must do combat over Anthro. While the fight ended in a stalemate, Anthro ended up marrying Embra.


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