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    Ember is the daughter of Cutter and Leetah, the twin sister of Suntop/Sunstream, and the Chieftess of a band of Wolfriders.

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    Ember was created by Wendy and Richard Pini, the creative team behind ElfQuest.

    Ember is born to Leetah in Sun Village, along with Suntop. When she is aged seven, Cutter and Skywise left on a quest of elf-tribal unification. She travels with Leetah to the forest to deliver a message to her father, and she would later become chieftess of the forest-dwelling Wolfriders.

    Ember is the Chieftess of the band of Wolfriders who returned to the New Land (known as Junsland by the humans on the World of Two Moons) after the restoration of the Palace of the High Ones. She is the daughter of Cutter and Leetah, and the the twin sister of Suntop, now known as Sunstream. She was once the lovemate of Mender but is currently involved with Teir, with whom she shares a deep connection.

    It is said that when the she and her twin brother were still in the womb, Ember called the wolf-blood of her fathers lineage to her while her brother called for the magic of the High Ones. From that moment on Ember was destined to become the next leader of the Wolfriders after her father, although she inherited his mortality as well. As a child the hyper Ember was very much a tomboy, and her more sensitive brother seemed to get all the attention. As an adolescent she was often rebellious and questioning of her fathers authority. Her impulsiveness once lead her into a trap that resulted in her being kidnapped by Rayek.

    As an adult Ember fell for Mender, the healer, and the two were lovemates for a time. When the Wolfriders were split into two factions during the Shards War, Ember lead half the tribe (not including Mender) to the New Land and a new Holt -- what the Wolfriders call their home. There they fought to preserve the way of their ancestors and hunt down the beats created and left behind by their greatest enemy, Winnowill. It was also while there in the New Land that Ember met Teir. He was an elf from the plains and the two fell very much in love. Their relationship has made Mender terribly jealous but both Teir and Ember have continued to grow closer over time. In Final Quest, while the Dujnn attacked, Ember and Teir Recognized, only to have Ember captured. It remains to see what will happen and if they can answer the Call.


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