Ember Silva

    Character » Ember Silva appears in 22 issues.

    Ember is a former citizen of Elysia who has moved into Nefario.

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    Ember was once a citizen of Elysia, the side of Perspectra who work to be moral and logic guides to their selected hosts. She left Elysia to join the Nefarian's, where she is now working as their leader. Having once been an Elysian, some of the inhabitants don't trust her. They fear that she may have doubts as to who her commitment is to, but "she is hot"!

    Ember is rather certain that the balance of power between the Nefarian's and Elysian's is straining and plans to put herself in position to pick up the pieces WHEN it does. She is using the What If Mafia to gather information, along with other things, to help ensure that she can do this.

    Ember has also gained nearly unanimous support from the Elysian's as their new Administrative leader. Ember has gained an item that had been banished over 2 cycles prior to the current day, and there are a few of the Elysians that are worried about the ramifications of her having it. And what she "could" do with it.


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