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    Elysius was genetically engineered in the Life-Baths of Titan by ISAAC. She has a son (Genis-Vell) and daughter (Phyla), and was a lover of Mar-Vell.

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    Elysius is a genetically engineered being, created by ISAAC using the Life-Baths of Titan. ISAAC or Integral Synaptic Anti-Anionic Computer. Thanos had left Titan, he had left ISAAC corrupted. ISAAC attempted to take over Titan. Elysius was created to be used as a pawn of ISAAC, assisting him in the takeover of Titan.  She acts as its lieutenant and aids in the conquest of Titan. After she fell in love with Mar-Vell she aided him, Drax and Rick Jones in opposing ISAAC. She later joined Mar-Vell and Rick Jones on their trip back to Earth. She then accompanied Mar-Vell to visit Rick in Denver. In order to look for Mar-Vell and the Hulk, she accompanied Bettty Ross Banner, Rick Jones and Fred Sloan in Gamma Base. As Mar-Vell discovered his cancer and realized that he was dying, he confronted Elysius and reminisced with her their memories together as Mentor watches them nearby. During Mar-Vell's last minutes, Elysius was among those other Marvel Heroes that watched him before he completely died. Having been so close to Elysius, Mar-Vell asked his friend Star-Fox to care for Elysius after his death and make sure she was okay. Elysius herself released Star-Fox from this obligation.  
    But she used ISAAC to sample his DNA and used it to help create her a son that Starfox helped to care for in the absence of a father. Mentor advised however that this child would be vulnerable to attack from Mar-Vell's enemies, so this child was then aged artificially and implanted memories of a childhood. The time came to tell her son, Genis-Vell, the truth about his father. She had some Nega Bands created, modeled after Mar-Vell's for him, and gave him the choice. He accepted and became the new Captain Marvel. She remained on Titan after Starfox's departure to join the Avengers on Earth.  After an incident with involved the recreation of the Universe, it was shown that Elysius had created a daughter using similar technology that had created Genis-Vell. Her name was Phyla-Vell and both would go on to aid Genis-Vell regain his sanity when he lost it. Elysius was last seen aiding her daughter Phyla-Vell. 


    Elysius is a Marvel comics character, created by Doug Moench and Pat Broderick, she first appears in Captain Marvel #59 released in 1978. 

    Powers and Abilities

    Elysius was artificially created by the Eternals and is a member of the Titan Eternals. She possesses superhuman strength, speed and durability that is greater than regular humans. She also has a longer lifespan than others but it does not mean that she is immortal. She also has immunity to other diseases. Elysius previously owned two genetically engineered griffins that she could command and communicate with telepathically. She takes care of a griffin like creature that follows her commands. She also has limited telepathic abilities with its real nature unrevealed. She also has equipment enabling her to produce concussive blasts and fly. 
    Physical Characteristics 
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 155 lbs
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Blue

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