Character » Elysion appears in 8 issues.

    Elysion was the leader of Terra Firma and is an enemy of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

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    Elysion was born sometime in the late 30th century, on an exile planet where the United Planets used to send their criminals. The population of the planet was left by the UP to die there, but that didn't go as expected. Most of the population, including Elysion, were superpowered, and this fit Praetor Lemnos's agenda perfectly. Lemnos united the people and used them as an invasion army to direct at the United Planets, with a small group of the most powerful individuals, as the leaders and terraformers, the Terra Firma. Elysion became the Terra Firma's psychotic field leader.

    Elysion, with his ability to telekinetically manipulate rocks and planetary matter, easily became one of the Lemnos's mosts dangerous soldiers. Going from planet to planet to terraform them, i.e. preparing them for invasion, the Terra Firma encountered Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl of the Legion of Super-Heroes, along with Brin Londo, on Rimworld 19. After an inevitable battle, where it looked like the Legionnaires had lost, Lightning Lad used an electrical attack on Elysion and his rock pillars to surprise them and win. Defeated, Elysion along with the rest of Terra Firma, returned to their homeworld.

    Next time Terra Firma ran into the Legion, it was on planet Helegyn. Even though most Terra Firma members could escape, Elysion was tricked by Shadow Lass and Element Lad to go to the dark and cold side of the planet, where he easily could be taken down. Brought to the Legion Headquarters, Elysion had powerdampers placed on him, and he was interrogated by Saturn Girl to find out where their base world was. Later, he was escorted by Invisible Kid to one of the towers in the Legion HQ to be contained for the time being. However, when Lemnos awoke several sleeper agents, suicide attackers, on the Legion Plaza, one of them found his way into the tower and could free Elysion, leading Elysion to go on a destructive rampage through Metropolis. Only through the combined efforts of Invisible Kid, Brainiac 5 and Atom Girl, could he be stopped and imprisoned again. But not before the Legion Headquarters was destroyed by him and Dream Girl being killed by the rubble.

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