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Since the Dark Wars, the Elvin High Council governed the Elvin race, always watching for the Dark Army’s return. In recent centuries, the high wizard Mogru-Ur presided over the Council. The organization was known as “The Council of Nine” until two of its members disappeared in 1514 and 1516.The Council represents the mystical, military and even the criminal classes and establishes Elvin law only with unanimous agreement of the Council. Each Council member maintains a residence at each Step staffed with their personal agents.

Many organizations operate under the Council, though regional authorities cannot be trusted with critical decisions. For this reason the Council maintains a spy network throughout the world to gather information and often intervening in the jurisdiction of other lesser authorities disobeying direct orders from the Elvin High Council constitutes high treason, is punishment is feared by Elvin soldiers and citizens alike; even elves unaffiliated to the Seven Steps tend to obey these orders. Murder of a Council member is considered high treason of the highest order, and pleading guilty to the crime is punishable by execution without trial.

The High Council’s greatest responsibility is watching for the Dark Army’s return, so any sighting of such creatures be brought to their immediate attention. When spies alerted them of a recent goblin moblization, the High Council immediately met with the heads of the human to request the detainment and interrogation of all creatures not affiliated with man, elf or dwarf. Unfortunately the humans ignored the Council’s warnings and blocked Elvin forces in search of such beings from entering human controlled regions. In the time since, the High Council deployed two agents, Lusiphur Malache and Jace San Lanargaith, Lusiphur is the person responsible for the disappearance of the two Council members, to act against the reawakened Fell. When Lusiphur assemble his team many of the Elvin Council disagreed with his choices due to varying issues such as some being human or criminals. The Council ordered each team member to face an elf warrior to prove that they were worthy of the task at hand!    

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