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    In an Elseworld where Supergirl was raised by Wonder Woman and Batgirl is a vigilante who keeps Gotham City safe from villainy, there could never be two more different super-heroines. But when the love of Supergirl's life is kidnapped by the Joker, the champions of Gotham and Metropolis must form a reluctant partnership.

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    Batgirl, fierce protector of Gotham City, trusts no one...least of all super-powered crimefighters.

    Supergirl, protege of Metropolis magnate Lex Luthor and JLA member, trusts far too easily.

    When a kidnapping draws Supergirl to Gotham, the two heroes must save Lex Luthor from the clutches of the Joker... if they can find a way to work together.

    In this Elseworlds, Batgirl has gone to extreme measures to protect Gotham City, including banning paranormals and employing a surveillance system called Oracle. In Metropolis, the Justice Society is led by Wonder Woman, and funded by Lex Luthor, a pillar of society. Finally opening Gotham to Luthor and the Society, it goes wrong for Batgirl when the Joker kidnaps Lex. Supergirl charges back into Gotham to help find Lex, and what she and Batgirl find out together is the true nature of the man who has helped build Metropolis.


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    Elseworld's Finest: Supergirl & Batgirl 0

    It took me sixteen years to find a copy of this book. I had seen the original solicitation in Previews, and had been assured a few times that it was released, but I had seriously begun to think that it had never come out. Then, one day in 2014, there it was in the back issue bin, and I was only too happy to pay the $9.99 price tag that it had been given (cover having been $5.99). So could this Elseworlds live up to the expectations of a sixteen year search?The answer to that is unequivocally yes...

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