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Little is known about Elsa. At some point she met and began working with Mark Merlin.


Elsa was created by Jack Miller and Mort Meskin. She made her first appearance in House of Secrets #23.

Character Evolution

Silver Age

Initially introduced in the Silver Age, very little was known about Elsa. Her surname was variously given as Magussen, Magusson, Magnussen, and Magnusson. The character was primarily a love interest who accompanied Mark Merlin and had few known abilities that lent themselves to paranormal investigation.

Modern Age

Reintroduced in the Modern Age, Elsa became a more competent character in her own right; her current skills and abilities were introduced. Her name was given solely as Elsa Magnusson.

Major Story Arcs

House of Secrets

Working for Mark Merlin, Elsa accompanies him on his many paranormal investigations and adventures. Following Mark's apparent death, she accompanies the mysterious Prince Ra-Man, who is actually the reincarnated soul of Mark.

Sword of Atlantis

Now working as second-in-command at the Windward Home, Elsa conducts a technomagic ritual that summons and holds the spirit of Vulko. She briefly interacts with Arthur Curry during the hunt for Aquaman, and is responsible for informing him of his father's apparent death. She takes part in the exploration of a mysterious site at the North Pole that ultimately leads her to be one of the first surface-dwellers to visit the undersea city Neos.

Powers and Abilities

Elsa has no known superhuman powers or abilities. She is a skilled and knowledgeable magician and scientist. She has earned a doctorate in an unknown field. She has extensive experience with investigation, particularly of the paranormal.


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