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Little is known about Elsa's origin. She was presumably born and raised in the same South American city as the Mardon brothers, where she met and ultimately married Claudio, who soon became head of his family's criminal empire.


Elsa Mardon was created by Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul. She made her first appearance in The Flash #10.

Major Story Arcs

Weather Wizard

Worried that Claudio is running the drug empire into the ground, she arranges for him to be assassinated in Central City. This has the dual benefit of bringing Marco back into the fold, and allowing her to take greater hold over the empire. When Patty Spivot begins investigating Claudio's death Elsa has her kidnapped and nearly killed. Angered by Flash's arrival and Marco's dismissal of her hard work, she reveals that she is responsible for Claudio's death. In reprisal, Marco calls down lightning on them both, killing her.

Powers and Abilities

Elsa has no known superhuman powers or abilities. She is intelligent and conniving.


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