Els Udonta

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    A Universal Inhuman member of the Light Brigade, representing the Inhumans of the Centauri-IV. Chosen by her mother, Matriarch Oola Udonta, to join the team, Els' skills as an archer make her a vital member of the Brigade.

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    Els Udonta, alias "Stone Thrower," is a Alpha Centaurian of the Universal Inhumans. She is the daughter of the Centaurian Inhumans' ruler, Matriarch Oola Udonta, and was one of six warriors chosen by their respective queens to form the Light Brigade. The group was meant to sacrifice themselves by going through Eldrac for "a battle they cannot win".

    Captured Arthrosians and imprisoned by Annihilus in the Negative Zone, she and her comrades were forced to fight in gladiatorial matches to the death against the champions of Arthros. She would then be resurrected and forced to repeat the cycle over and over for the Negative Zone inhabitants enjoyment. She, along with the rest of the Light Brigade, was led by the Johnny Storm to not only escape imprisonment, but defeat Annihilus and gain control of the Annihilus Wave by taking the Cosmic Control Rod.

    With the device in Johnny's possession, he was able to use it to open a portal to Earth, taking the Light Brigade with him to the Baxter Building. For a time, the Light Brigade relocated to Earth, making their home with the Future Foundation, and even aided their human allies against the Kree. When Johnny and Peter Parker became roommates, he threw a party at their apartment, and invited the Light Brigade and a number of Universal Inhumans, including Els. During the festivities, she imbibed in a few alcoholic refreshments, and began flirting with Peter, who too enjoyed a drink or two. They danced the night away with the rest of the alien partiers, and even shared a kiss before the evening was complete.

    However, soon the time came for the Light Brigade to return to their people, and serve at their respective queens' sides on New Hala, although, she was present with the remaining members of the Brigade when they literally kicked Annihilus back into the Negative Zone.

    But, though they were worlds apart, Els had not forgotten about that wild night of partying and romance in Johnny and Peter's, and apparently took a liking to Peter in a romantic sense. When the Future Foundation next came to meet with Black Bolt on New Hala, with Spider-Man in their company, her heightened sense of smell was able to detect a familiar scent coming from the Wall-Crawler, and made this known to him, saying that he shared the same scent as the human, Peter Parker who she referred to as "a handsome human boy" that she once kissed. When he tried to deny it, Els tore down his façade with a smirk, saying that was positive it as him, and that he enjoyed their kiss. Still, Spider-Man was insistent that she had the wrong guy (trying to keep his secret identity hidden). But, despite his denial, Els wasn't hearing any of his excuses and pulled him in tight for a quick embrace, saying "I'd remember those pouty lips and that big round butt in any corner of the universe."

    Powers and Abilities

    As a member of the Centaurian Inhumans, Els possesses a number of abilities common to her people, including superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, and endurance. Like most Inhumans who are in excellent shape and exercise regularly, her superhuman strength allows her to lift as much as one ton under optimal circumstances. However, like all Inhumans, due to their closed society, Els has a lower threshold for disease and pollution.

    She also shares a number of abilities with unaltered Centaurians, such as their mystical sixth sense, which gives her incredible levels of perception and intuition regarding the current situation and her environment.

    However, her primary skill is that of archery, an art of warfare integral to Centauri society as a tribal and hunter culture. Like most Centauri, she has been handling a bow from a young age, and is a natural hunter and tracker, even without the aide of her psychic abilities. Her arrows are also made from a special metal that responds to her commands via a special frequency she can transmit through whistling. This allows her to control her arrows' flight pattern, even threading it through a crowd of people as easily as fabric through the eye of a needle. Her vocal chords allow her to whistle within a range of four octaves to achieve this affect properly.


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