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    The daughter of Deadpool, whom he had with a fling named Carmelita Camacho

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    Ellie with her parents
    Ellie with her parents

    Ellie is the daughter of Carmelita, a woman Deadpool enjoyed a one night stand with. Sometimes later Carm appear with the Heroes for Hire, who helped her track down Deadpool. She's furious because she'd been contacting him for the longest with court summons, and demanding child support. She shoves Ellie into Wade's arms. Wade was taken with Ellie instantly, but then gives her back to Carm, saying she's too beautiful to be his. Fearing for their safety, he yells at Carm and frightens her off, leaving her running away in tears.

    Due to numerous mind wipes by Butler, he'd forgotten about Ellie's existance until Butler reminded him. From then on, he dedicated himself and his loyal friends to tracking her down. Ellie was living with her adopted father, the decent-hearted brother of the evil scientist who had been tormenting Deadpool for years.


    Ellie Camacho was created by Gerry Dugan, Declan Shelvy and Brian Posehn. She first appeared in a flashback in Deadpool Vol.3 issue 19 (2014), but was mentioned befrore. Her full first full appearance was during the "Original Sin" tie-in in Deadpool's own comic.

    Major Story Arcs

    Original Sin

    Ellie with the Preston Family
    Ellie with the Preston Family

    Unfortunately the terrorist group ULTIMATUM learned of Ellie's existence and went after her. Ellie's father had a weak heart and did not survive the strain of fleeing the terrorists. Deadpool rescued the child and she was adopted by S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Preston and her family. She attends regular therapy sessions with a specialized child psychiatrist.

    Not only is Ellie protected by Preston and her cyborg powers, she has magic on her side. The ghost of Benjamin Franklin and Michael, a Scottish magician, are both dear friends and have laid magical protections around her home.

    Deadpool also bought the house across the street so he could keep an eye on Ellie and make sure nobody tried to hurt her again.

    Secret Empire

    Wade drops Ellie off at the Hydra school
    Wade drops Ellie off at the Hydra school

    Ellie is shown to be living in Washington D.C. with Wade after he joins Steve's Hydra Avengers. She's not adjusting well to her new life and hates her new school, having gotten into many fights. Wade wants her to give it a chance because it took a lot for him to get her in. He tells her to tell a teacher if other kids try to bully her.

    Some time passes and Wade is seen taking her to school again. She tells him she doesn't want to go and that she's gonna be late again anyway because it's rush hour. Wade tells her to calm down, noting that there's no rush hour on the sidewalk -Ellie laughs as her father drives onto the sidewalk, prompting pedestrians to jump out of the way. But her fun ends when they make it to her school, and she angrily sits there, clearly not wanting to go.

    Wade notes how much Ellie hates her new school, but shrugs it off since he doesn't like his new job either. While at Hydra's HQ, Wade gets a message from the school saying she's been fighting again and that he's to come down immediately. During the meeting with the principal, it is revealed that Ellie was the instigator of the fight -confessing that she youtube'd her attack on the other kids and they deserved it. The principal tells Wade that he's expelling Ellie, prompting a punch to the face from Wade.

    As they ride away from the school, Ellie says she wants her mom but Wade reminds her that Preston had to go underground. Ellie begins to cry and asks if Wade is lying to her, but he says nothing. She asks again where her mother is.

    Ellie is told she can't go back to live with the Prestons
    Ellie is told she can't go back to live with the Prestons

    Wade explains to her that there are some things a kid shouldn't have to go through. He notes that everyone has burdens and they don't get to pick what kind of burdens they bear. Ellie says she doesn't understand, she just wants to go back home to the Prestons. Wade says he knows, but he's trying to tell her that she can't go back. Ellie begins to cry again, wondering why. Wade tells her it's because the world is different now and that she's also different. Ellie doesn't know what he means.

    He finally tells her that she is a mutant and the gene inside of her hasn't activated yet, but it will someday. The new Hydra world is moving against people like her to make everyone else feel safe, since people fear things that are extraordinary. He says life is hard for everyone, but it's deadly for a young mutant like herself, whose powers haven't activated. Because of all this, he has to work harder to keep her safe, which is why she needs to listen to him when he tells her to behave.

    He has to leave for work, telling her he'll be gone a while. He warns her to lock the door and not open it for anyone, then he'll come back and find her a new school. Ellie watches after him as he leaves her.

    Ellie being taken from her family
    Ellie being taken from her family

    A flashback shows that Wade took Ellie from her family after he destroyed Preston's LMD body. Without a word, he shows up and grabs Ellie's arm, pulling her toward his bike. The confused Ellie demands to know what's going on, but Wade doesn't answer. Instead, he gives her a helmet and tells her to put it on. Ellie tells him no, and angrily throws the helmet to the ground. Wade tells her it's fine, before picking her up and carrying her to his bike. He tells her they have to go, and Ellie says she doesn't want to and yells for Wade to put her down, but her words fall on deaf ears.

    After Wade returns, he finds a new school for Ellie. He takes Ellie to class, wearing a Steve Rogers disguise. Posing as Hydra Cap, he warns the class that Ellie Preston is a personal friend of his, and her dad is very tough, so anyone who picks on her will pay for it. Wade takes his leave to confront Maria Hill, and unfortunately is defeated and buried beneath a building of rubble for three days. In that time, the Secret Empire falls, and Ellie has runaway.

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    She managed to make it back to the Prestons, and is preparing to leave New York with them. Wade shows up, and Terry promptly holds a gun to him. Ellie, holding her upset brother, tells Terry not to shoot, because he'd be no better than Wade. They get in the car, and Wade tells Ellie he's proud of her -saying if she can survive him, she'll make it through anything. Ellie says nothing, and gives him an angry "up yours'" gesture before leaving with the Prestons..

    Meeting Again

    She would eventually reunite with Wade on a class trip but he doesn't remember her due to mind-wiping himself shortly after the Secret Empire fiasco. She appears to have forgiven Wade & follows him on a mission to prevent him from killing one of his targets. She argues he's better than that, but Wade just thinks she's an annoying kid who doesn't understand him. In the end, Ellie succeeds in stopping the assassination when she steals the bullets to Wade's gun. As he storms off in annoyance, Ellie's teacher finds her so they can return to the rest of the class.

    Sometime later, Ellie sees her father while watching the news on her ipad late one night. She's in tears at the struggles he's going but reluctantly falls asleep after being warned by Terry or Emily.

    A Reunion & Proper Goodbye

    Following up on his revenge, Mephisto goes after Deadpool again and returns his memory about Ellie when he targets her. Wade is shown a vision of the 2099 future that shows Ellie & Warda as respected heroes. Mephisto tells Wade if he doesn't come with him, Ellie will not be the hero she was meant to be, but groomed into a killer by one of his minions.

    Wade goes to Ellie just in time to stop Good Night from recruiting her. Ellie runs thug him, just as Mephisto makes himself known. Deadpool agrees to go with him if Mephisto will erase his memories again, and leave Ellie alone. Ellie doesn't want Wade to leave, but he feels it's best for her before letting her know she will do great things in the future. Ellie says her goodbye and goes back inside with Emily.


    Ellie is a mutant whose power, like her father, is to regenerate from damage. Unlike her father though, in order to heal, Ellie must die first. After her "death" she is then resurrected to the age when she first developed her power, with all of her memories in tact.


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