Ellen Baker

    Character » Ellen Baker appears in 237 issues.

    Wife of Buddy Baker, Animal Man.

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    Ellen Frazier married Buddy Baker after being high school sweethearts.

    Her main profession is that of an illustrator which the Baker family used the money from to support the family while Buddy searched for work as both a superhero and a movie stunt man. Her and Buddy often faced money issues in the beginning of Animal Man's career as Buddy searched for his purpose causing the couple to mortgage their house a couple of times.

    Ellen is often left in the background since Animal Man has been lost in space and on other numerous adventures while she has had to stay at home and wait. Nevertheless, Ellen remains Buddy's emotional foundation and is a very strong character herself.

    After the events of 52, when Animal Man was lost in space for almost a year and believed to be dead, Ellen remained hopeful of Buddy's return. Ellen is jealous when Buddy brings over his friends Donna Troy and Starfire to relax at his house.

    Ellen and Buddy have two children: Cliff (Clifford) and Maxine.


    Ellen first appeared in Strange Adventures #180, alongside Buddy Baker (better known as Animal Man), her husband, and was created by writer Dave Wood and artist Carmine Infantino. The character found more success after two decades when Grant Morrison began writing Animal Man's first solo series, one of its themes being a superhero's family life and thus giving more focus to life at home (and more chance for Ellen to shine) than most heroes. Although Jamie Delano steered the character away from Buddy for a time in the early 90's and let her become more independent, she has since gone back to being Buddy's stay-at-home wife and has never really broken away from him.

    Major Story Arcs

    Out of Africa

    While Ellen and her husband are at home, they are attacked by several invisible animal spirits who "unravel" Animal Man in front of Ellen. She believes her husband dead, when, in fact, he is taken prisoner by his attackers.

    Last Days of Animal Man

    Ellen discovers that Buddy has cheated on her with Starfire. She takes the kids and leaves her unfaithful husband.


    While Buddy is lost in space, Ellen is at home worrying about her husband. Buddy does return to her a year after he left. He makes the comment that it was Ellen who he was able to hone in on when Starfire and the others thought he was dead.


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