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    Character » Elle Bishop appears in 3 issues.

    Elle Bishop is the adoptive daughter of Robert "Bob" Bishop, the head of the Company. She has the ability to create and control electricity but recently, she has lost control of her ability.

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    Elle sits in her father's office as he hands her her first Company assignment— monitoring Claire Bennet. Elle brushes the assignment off as pointless, but Bob reminds her Claire and her blood could become a great asset to the Company, like Linderman and Arthur Petrelli.

    On Day 17 of her assignment, Elle sits behind Claire in social studies class in school. She talks about her hatred for Claire and draws a picture of her electrocuting Claire. During a stake-out at the Bennets' house, Elle watches Noah and Sandra through a window. Elle hears a growl next to her and turns to see Mr. Muggles, who starts barking at her. Elle tries to shoo him away, but he continues barking. She decides to shock him and begins charging up, but unfortunately for her, the sprinklers turn on and she electrocutes herself.

    Out of the shadows, Eden tells Elle she read her file and found out water shorts out and reverse her ability. Eden proceeds to beat Elle down, saying if Elle doesn't use her ability, then she won't use hers. Noah comes outside to stop Eden and tells Elle to stop spying on them— watching over Claire is his job. Elle gets up and walks away, saying once Claire manifests her ability and gets handed over to the Company, she will be as nice to Claire as Eden was to Elle. At school the next day, Elle watches as Claire and Zach talk in the hallway.

    Elle watches Claire and Zach talk outside school, but backs off after receiving a disapproving look from Noah. Later, Elle spies on Zach and Claire from afar, just missing Claire's sixth test of her ability at the abandoned refinery. She notices the two watching a tape and devises a plan to get it.

    Elle walks up to Zach's home and knocks on the front door. Zach answers and she tells him her name's Cindy— she's in his fourth period English class and he was going to let her copy his notes. Elle ignores Zach's statement that he doesn't remember any of that, and after realizing flirting with him is futile, creates a ball of electricity to threaten him. Before she can use it, however, Noah and the Haitian step in and Noah pistol whips Elle, knocking her out. The Haitian proceeds to erase Elle's memory of Zach and the tape.

    On Day 27 of her assignment, Elle sits in social studies class and ponders what other, more important things she can be doing. Elle reminds herself her dad said if Claire doesn't manifest an ability by next week, the assignment is canceled. Elle is grateful for that, because Homecoming is next week and Elle would have to shoot herself if she had to attend.

    After Matt Neuenberg is booed off-stage at his school talent show, Elle tells Matt she can take him to a place where he'll be safe from the outside world. To diminish his distrust, Elle electrocutes the stage and sets it on fire and leads him out. At the Company's facility, Elle watches aside her father as Matt is tested on by a man and the Haitian. Matt screams Elle's name in pain, causing Elle to show pain as well. She brings a cake to Matt in his cell and lights the candles. Matt asks her why she didn't protected him like she promised, but she says by bringing him here, she already has. She tells him they're not that different and they both want the same thing, then gives him an electric kiss on the cheek.

    Elle stands behind Matt Neuenberg in the Company computer room. She checks on his progress and gives him a playful zap to his nose to lighten the mood. She leaves for a moment to get donuts for the two of them, and on her return, is asked by Matt who would send files from Bhutan. Elle wonders who would do anything in Bhutan, then calls her father per request of Matt to find out if he knows anything. After she calls him, she drops the phone in a panic and pushes Matt out of the way. She pulls out a pair of goggles from a device and hastily puts them on Matt, telling him she needs to delete all the information in the mainframe and also needs Matt to store all the information in his mind before she can do so. After promising Matt it'll be painless, Elle hits a button on the device to begin the information storage into Matt's brain.

    Matt manages to memorize all the information, and Elle uses her powers to destroy the machine, possibly killing Hana and Drucker. Bob praises Neuenberg for his work, but ignores Elle. Later, Elle tries to take Matt out, just him, her and a bodyguard, but they actually try to take the information from his mind. The process kills Matt, and Elle is left looking distraught over his dead body.

    Later, she works with Thompson Jr. to recruit a girl named Donna who has the ability to see long range distances. Donna was then tipped off by a anonymous person named "evsdropr" that he was being followed. Donna then shoots Thompson Jr. then Elle told Donna that he would be fine and Elle recruits Donna into the Company.

    Elle was then later sent to capture Sylar by her father. Sylar escaped from her and Bob was not happy about it. He was disappointed and wouldn't forgive Elle. After a while, Elle then realized that the Company has a whole "buffet of powers in level 5" and thinks that he will come to the Company to take this powers but Sylar was closer than she thinks, she sees her father's head opened up without the brain and quickly realizes that Sylar was in the building. She quickly storms to level 5 and asks for the help of Noah Bennet. Noah Bennet helps her but Sylar was too fast. He throws Elle with his telekinesis and she was hurt quite bad. She then tries to use her ability but Sylar pinned her to the ground with his telekinesis and he starts to cut the top of Elle's head open. Elle starts screaming and she causes a electrical out burst releasing the villains. Angela then tells Elle that she has no use in the Company anymore and Angela tells her to get a new life.

    Elle is now in London and she has somehow lost control of her ability. Daphne tires to recruit Elle for the Pinehearst company in the London subways but Elle declined and thought that the thing she doesn't need in her life is another company. Elle then tries to find HRG for help about her ability and she first finds Claude Rains. She asks Claude Rains where HRG was but he wouldn't help her. Claude then runs away but Elle loses control over her ability in the rain and her ability shocks herself and Claude. Later, two people named Lee and Abigail helps Claude up and Claude tells them to help and take Elle in too. After that, Elle wakes up and talks to Claude about his father and Claude persuades Elle to forgive Bob. Later, Elle goes to the bathhouse and relaxes in the hot tub but she loses control over her ability and shocks Abigail, she gets angry and she kicks Elle, just at that moment, Lee comes in and tells Elle that she should leave... with no places to go, Elle goes to the Bennet's house to find HRG and then she shocks Lyle.
    When Claire comes back home with her mum, the lights in the house all malfunctioned. Claire tries to find what the problem is and she finds a unconscious Lyle lying on the ground, Lyle tells her that Elle is back. Claire finds Elle and she attempts to throw her out of the house but Elle refuses. Lyle then pours a bucket of water all over her making her electrocute herself.

    She is then told by Claire that a company named Pinehearst could help her regain control over her ability. Claire agrees that she would a company Elle to Pinehearst. Whilst on the plane to Pinehearst Elle starts to shoot electricity that started to interrupt with the air plane mechanics. It is then revealed that Elle is frightened of flying. To solve the situation and save the people that are on the plane, Claire tells Elle to put the electricity through her because of her healing ability she is able to to survive the currents going through her, and saves the plane from going down and stop's Elle's panic attack at the same time. 

    As they reach Pinehearst, they witness Peter Petrelli thrown from the seventh story window. Claire takes her uncle away from the building, and asks Elle for help. After learning that Pinehearst can take away other's powers. Elle cant let that opportunity go, so she run's towards the entrance of Pinehearst, but turns and thanks Claire for everything she had done for her. This is the first time it is seen of Elle thanking anyone.  

    The next time Elle is seen is in a Flash back. The flash back is dated a year from the present, showing that Elle was partnered with Noah Bennet (Claires Adopted Father) working for The Company. The two were assigned to watch Gabriel Gray (Sylar) and figure out how he transfers the abilities he takes. Gabriel was about to take his life, but Elle manages to stop him from doing that and as instructed befriends him. Gabriel developed an attraction towards Elle, and this somehow suppresses his hunger for more power. Noah using a list of people with abilities Gabriel had compiled arranges to introduce Gabriel to one of them to see his power in action. Elle did not want the plan to come to fruition, which revealed that Elle had developed feelings for Gabriel Gray. Unfortunately Elle goes along with the plan and introduces Gabriel to a man named Trevor who has the ability of kinetic projection.  In the presence of Gabriel, Elle kept making references to how special Trevor was. As a result of Elle's comments about how special Trevor was, angered Gabriel and he ordered her to leave as he killed Trevor.  Elle felt the guilt of causing the moment 'Sylar' was born.
    That was the end of the flashback.

    Back now in the present Elle is shown in Pinehearst changed to a metal wall, still in pain with her ability out of control. Arthur Petrelli made a meeting between Sylar and Elle, he wanted Sylar to gain her ability but without the killing, using empathy to 'copy' the ability. As Sylar walks into where Elle was kept she immediately attacks him over and over again, enraged at Sylar for killing her father. Eventually her falling to the floor begging him to kill her since she wanted her pain to go away. Sylar acting out of character tells her that he forgives her for making him the monster he became. And tells her that she should forgive herself for all her crimes she committed, wanting to take away the pain she feels without killing her. At that moment Elle regains perfect control of her ability.  And for the first time Sylar gained her ability also without having to kill for it. It seemed that as Elle was teaching Sylar to use and control her ability, the pairs attraction towards each other appeared.

    Elle and Sylar were sent to retrieve Claire since it seemed she was the missing part of the formula to allow normal people to gain powers. On the mission Elle set up some sort of game and challenge to Sylar. For him to prove he was still a murderer and 'not a mummy's boy'. He killed a rental car assistant. In the end they found Claire with her adopted dad Noah, a fight ensues. However Elle and Sylar find themselves powerless due to the Eclipse.  Elle aims to kill Noah by pointing a gun at him, Claire jumped in front of him and took the bullet. Noah in a fury knock's Elle out and dislocates Sylars arm.  After awakening Sylar states to Elle that he quite like's not having his power's. There was no hunger for him to control now. Elle shocked just stated that they cant just take whatever they want now.  Sylar retorts the statement and smiles as he grabs Elle for a very passionate kiss.

    Outside Noah is aiming a rifle at the couple. Noah confronts them and Elle is shot in the thigh, Sylar takes Elle and flees to a super market. Elle's blood trail allows for Noah to find them in the store, where Sylar and Elle had already made a plan to ambush him. As he arrives Sylar shoves Elle into a Cargo elevator to protect her from Noah. From the cargo elevator Elle see's Noah cut Sylars throat with a box cutter. 

    The eclipse ends and both Sylar and Elle are repowered. Sylar is revived from the gift he took from Claire. Elle and Sylar start heading for the Bennet residence.  They quickly overcome Noah and Claire and grab Claire's adoptive mother Sandra, they use Sandra as there hostage. Hiro managed to save the Bennet family by teleporting Elle and Sylar to and ocean front scene. In which Elle sighs, but Sylar pulls her in for there last kiss. He follows this up with an explanation that he and Elle are "Damaged Goods" and that neither of them would "Never Change". Elle looks confused at Sylar but starts to feel a huge pain across her head. Sylar had started to kill Elle.

    The last scene is of Sylar pouring fluid over Elle's lifeless body. He sets her body a blaze with the power she gave him, painfully saying "Good-Bye Elle"


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