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    Elke Vetter was a female Imperial Knight who served the Fel Empire. Vetter served as the bodyguard of Fel's daughter, Princess Marasiah Fel. She was also the princess's master and friend, teaching her the ways of the Imperial Knights.

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    Elke Vetter was a friend and mentor of Marasiah Fel. She was a highly trained Imperial Knight who died at the hands of Darth Talon but was able to stall her long enough for the Princess and Astraal Vao to escape.



    Elke Vetter acted as the personal bodyguard of Imperial Princess Marasiah Fel as Marasiah traveled to different systems acting as her father’s, Emperor Roan Fel’s, emissary to find out which Imperial Officers might still be loyal to him.

    On Socorro Elke, Marasiah and Astral Vao are attacked by Darth Talon and Elke stays behind to hold her off while the others escape. During the duel Elke loses her left hand and is stabbed through the right thigh by the Dark Lady. Vetter claims that even if Talon kills her it will not matter as Marasiah has already escaped. Talon uses the Force to extract the information out of Vetter, causing her pain and to bleed from the eyes and nose. Talon tells Vetter that she will use Marasiah to find her father and kill the Emperor. Talon then uses Force Lightning to kill Vetter as she served the Dark Lady no further purpose.

    Elke’s death was felt by Marasiah through the Force and she instantly wanted revenge for her teacher and friend but Astraal said that Elke served her duty and they must do their duty as she did and escape.

    Powers and Abilities

    Elke Vetter was a Force sensitive human woman and an Imperial Knight. She was accomplished in lightsaber combat as she was the personal bodyguard of the Princess of the Fel Empire; but she was no match for Darth Talon.


    Elke was a very loyal Imperial Knight, trusted not only with guarding the Princess but attending diplomatic meetings with her for several years before her death. She was good friends with the Princess and was well liked by her as when she died, Marasiah instantly wanted revenge


    Elke wore the standard red Imperial Knight armor and carried a lightsaber with a silver-gray blade.


    Elke was a human woman in her thirties with short blonde hair with the sides of her bangs kept long and had grey-blue eyes.


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