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Very little is known of Elizabeth's childhood or what led up to her being adopted by Liones's king. As a child she was often seen playing with soon to be Holy Knights and her two adopted sisters.

After the Holy Knights staged a coupe and overthrew the kingdom she escaped the castle in rusting armor in search of the Seven Deadly Sins believing they were the only ones that could match the Holy Knights strength and defeat them.


She has long silver hair and blue eyes though her left eye is usually obscured by her hair. She always wears a blue earring given to her by her sister with the symbol of the royal family of Liones on it. When Elizabeth first appeared she was still wondering around in rusted armor that was several sizes bigger than her. Later when she joined the Boar Hat bar she started wearing the waitress uniform which is a purple buttoned shirt with a black ribbon, and a black mini skirt strapped with a pink belt.


Elizabeth is very kind, caring and grateful. At first she appeared to fulfill the role of damsel in distress appearing to be fragile and frail. Later this is proven wrong she is very brave and courageous even going as far as giving herself to a Holy Knight in order to protect a random citizen from being executed. She is often seen being fondled by Meliodas touching her very inappropriately and she often doesn't seem to mind perhaps because she loves him later mentioned by Gowther.


Elizabeth is first seen when she enters the Boar Hat. She was on the verge of passing out still covered in rusting armor, and muttering, "the Seven Deadly Sins". Due to the rumor of a infamous "Rust Knight" being a Sin it causes the customers to flee. She is then confronted by the bar owner Meliodas, though she collapses and is revealed to be a female. Shortly after she awakens and is questioned by Meliodas as to why she is traveling. She tells him that she is searching for the Seven Deadly Sins. After escaping from knights that were beaten up by Meliodas and Hawk she continues explaining as to why she is searching for the Seven Deadly Sins. She wants them to help her defeat the Holy Knights after they took over the kingdom. Immediately after they are once again attack and Elizabeth is saved by Meliodas and reveals his name and identity as the Dragon's Sin of Wrath the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins. He then offers to help her find the others.

She is later officially hired as a waitress for the bar and is given new attire. After she travels with Meliodas to a town called Bernia popular for its ale made from its river. Upon arriving they find a crowd of men trying to remove a sword that was put in the ground by a Holy Knight to stop the water flow so no more ale could be made. Later Meliodas easily removes the Holy Knight, Gilthunder's sword causing the villagers to celebrate at the Boar Hat, where Elizabeth is finally attempting to be a proper waitress. After making several mistakes she runs outside the bar crying where she sees Meliodas and he encourages her to carry on just then he saves her and the town from Gilthunder's spear and throws it back at him. The two then decide that it is best to leave seeing as staying anymore would cause further harm to the people of the town.

Near Bernia they are informed of a forest known as the Forest of White Dreams that even Holy Knights are avoiding. Making Meliodas believe another member of the Deadly Sins is hiding out in there. After walking around the forest for more than three hours and getting lost Elizabeth and Meliodas discover three clones on Hawk. After they're defeated copies of Elizabeth appear and after being tricked are also easily defeated by Meliodas revealing the clones were Prankster Imps, and retreat towards Diane another member of the Seven Deadly Sins. After a small misunderstanding Diane joins the group and it is reveled she has a crush on Meliodas. Moments later Hawk spots a giant thundercloud in the sky and a lightning bolt from it binds all of them. Then Gilthunder appears and Elizabeth immediately recognizes him since he was one of the Holy Knights she would play with as a child. She then quickly realizes he is a changed man and not the friend he use to be. After Hawk is kicked by Gilthunder Elizabeth runs after the pig to help him. After Gilthunder is thrown out of the forest by Diane, Meliodas decides the next destination is the Baste Dungeon where Ban is imprisoned. Elizabeth objects taking note of Meliodas grave wound he received from Gilthunder he then reassures he it isn't that serious before passing out.

Elizabeth, Diane, and Hawk then travel to Baste Dungeon called Dalmary, to have Meliodas treated. While Meliodas is being treated Diane announces that she will be traveling to the dungeon by herself. Elizabeth asks to accompany her by is quickly shot down by Diane saying that she would only be a hindrance in which Elizabeth says she wants to be of some use. The argument is abruptly ended when Hawk notices a huge swarm of insects flying towards the town. Diane easily annihilates the bugs and Elizabeth is shocked at how powerful she is. Diane gives the responsibility of watching Meliodas to Elizabeth and heads towards the dungeon.

While Elizabeth and Hawk watch over Meliodas a voice commends Dana the doctor for his hard work. To the shock of both Dana tells them he made Meliodas drink deadly poison instead of medicine. Another Holy Knight named Golgius then appers behind Elizabeth stating he was the voice that thanked the doctor. He then says he has come to take Elizabeth and Meliodas' sword, and grabs the weapon. Right after it is revealed that Meliodas is still alive but his eyes are pure black and has a strange mark on his forehead. The powerful aurora Meliodas was giving off caused Golgius to flee. Meliodas then returns to his normal self and it is shown that his wound mysteriously healed. The three then go after Golgius and find him. Dana is stabbed by Golgius and Elizabeth mourns the doctor. The three then enter a abandoned building and Elizabeth watches as Golgius falls for Meliodas' trap.


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