Elizabeth Howlett

    Character » Elizabeth Howlett appears in 67 issues.

    Mother of James Howlett, better known as the man who would some day become Wolverine.

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    Elizabeth Howlett was married to John Howlett Sr. and in doing so became a wealthy land owner in Alberta, Canada. Elizabeth Howlett is the mother of James Howlett, who eventually becomes better known as Wolverine and John Howlett Jr.


    Elizabeth Howlett was created by Paul Jenkins, Joe Quasada and Andy Kubert and first appeared in Origin issue 1 (2001).

    Major Story Arcs

    Death of a Family


    Her first born son, John Howlett Jr., would have died under strange circumstances. This had a huge impact on Elizabeth and her relation with her husband John Senior. Elizabeth would not often leave her own room, much less leave the mansion or talk to her other son James. She remained secluded as it was believed around the house that she suffered from some form of mental illness. It was known to some people that Elizabeth had an affair with their groundskeeper of the estate, Thomas Logan. It was later revealed that Elizabeth had huge claw-like scars on her body. How this happened was not revealed, but it most likely had something to do with the circumstances of the death of her first son. On the night of her husband's murder and the subsequent killing of her lover Thomas Logan, Elizabeth, calls her son a freak and throws him out of the house, and commits suicide using a shotgun.

    Alternate Version

    Earth-4011 (Wolverine The End)

    For more information see: Wolverine: The End

    In this reality, Elizabeth gives birth to John Howlett Jr., before Howlett Estate is finished being built. John Jr. is the love of her life until the day James is born. When James is born, Elizabeth's mood changes towards her eldest. Then, one day, John Jr., catches Elizabeth kissing Thomas Logan. John Jr. freaks out and confront his mother, but when she denies it, James Jr. stabs her with his claws. The servants come to Elizabeth's aid. The Old Man tells John Sr. and Elizabeth that he'd take care of John Jr. and takes the eldest son away to a mental institute. It is unknown, if Elizabeth knows what happened to John Jr. By the time he escaped Elizabeth had died.


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