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Eliza appears in the Kitchen Sink/Fantagraphics title, Black Hole.


Eliza was created by Charles Burns.

Character Evolution

Eliza's tail
Eliza's tail

Eliza is an artist who has a small, reptilian tail - earning her the nickname "Lizard Queen". She is a friend of Keith Pearson. After running away from home because of issues with her step-dad, Eliza ends up living with a group of amateur drug dealers. She keeps the place clean and works on her art in their basement, until a party turns ugly one night, and Eliza is drugged and raped. The gang ten write obscenities and insults all over her body while she is passed out. The second time she meets Keith, he finds that she has changed because of this - she is more subdued, and has destroyed all of her art as she can no longer bear to look at it. In truth, a lot of her art is defaced by the group of young men who attack her. She is the first woman Keith ever sleeps with, and shortly after this, Eliza approaches Keith at work, and gives him her number, asking him to keep in touch. The two eventually fall in love and go on the road together. They decide to take off after a mutated teen named Dave attacks and kills Keith's friends, and then himself.

The tip of Eliza's tail often snaps off. Keith is startled when this happens during intercourse, but she reassures him that feels no pain in her tail, and it regenerates.

Major Story Arcs

Eliza does not appear in any major story arcs.

Powers and Abilities

Eliza has no special powers or abilities.


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