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    The Elites are the main military backbone of the Covenant armada and one of the original two species. Their real name are "Sangheili".

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    Current Events

    Elite, or Sangheili, as shown in Halo 4
    Elite, or Sangheili, as shown in Halo 4

    The Elites have been shown as of Halo 3 to have split from the Covenant and join forces or become allies with the Humans and/or UNSC.

    However, in Halo 4 the Covenant reappear as "Storm Covenant" and are hostile against the Humans/UNSC and Forerunners (at first). They were shown to be physically inferior to Promethean Knights, who dispatched Elites, as well as other Covenant forces easily. Later in the game the Didact convinces the Storm Covenant to join forces with the Forerunners, and they assist the Didact against humanity.

    They are also consistently shown in almost every Halo product, including video games, novels, comic books, and toys and collectibles.


    The Sangheili (meaning I glorify my kin), are strong, agile, and very intelligent warriors, and skilled combatants. They were known to Humans and UNSC as "Elites" because they were the top warriors and troops of the Covenant armada. However, they had a strong rivalry with the Jiralhanae, or "Brutes" as dubbed by Humans. They were a part of the Covenant armada until Halo 3, and they joined forces with the UNSC/Humans to stop the Flood as well. They, like the Jiralhanae, have a deep hatred and rivalry of each other, and often get into conflict. However, the Sangheili usually remain victorious due to superior intelligence, agility, and warfare tactics/strategies.

    Powers & Abilities

    All Elites have the following abilities :

    Strength - All Elites have natural strength that rivals even the Spartans in MJOLNIR suits, and pose a deadly threat.

    Agility - All Elites have natural agility, and can move and dodge gunfire easily.

    Shields - Most Elites have armor which have shields around them that protect them from damage.

    Intellect - Most Elites are very intelligent, and are experts in military strategies.

    Durability - All Elites have a knack for being vicious in battle and are very durable; capable of withstanding multiple bursts of gunfire before dying.

    Hand-to-Hand Combat - Sangheili are shown to be experts in hand to hand combat, and are even on par with Spartans. Their preferred weapon in close quarters is the Energy Sword.

    Covenant Technology - Elites possess various Covenant weaponry, such as the Plasma Rifle, and Energy Sword.

    Forerunner Technology - Now that the Covenant (Storm) have allied with the Forerunners, it is possible that they have shared their technology.

    Physical Appearance

    Sangheili are generally between 2.2 meters tall and 2.6 meters tall, including helmet and armor, have two fingers and two thumbs on each hand which are much larger than human fingers and thumbs, which make the Sangheili look ungainly when wielding small human weapons such as the magnum They look vaguely like lizards, except for their jaws. When wearing armor, they take on a shark-like look because of the "fins" on the sides of their helmets. Their jaws are made up of four separate mandibles attached to their face, similar to those found on the lower jaws of snakes from Earth. Their separate mandibles have also been dubbed as "split-jaws" by UNSC.


    • Councilor
    • Imperial Admiral
    • Supreme Commander
    • Field Marshal
    • Zealot
    • Honor Guard (Ultra)
    • Honor Guard
    • Sangheili Honor Guardsman
    • Special Operations Commander of the Covenant
    • Special Operations Officer
    • Special Operations Sangheili
    • Stealth Sangheili
    • Sangheili Ranger
    • General
    • Sangheili Ultra
    • Sangheili Major
    • Sangheli Minor
    • Arbiter
    • Kaidon
    • Oracle Master
    • Aristocrat
    • Ossoona
    • Ascestics
    • Commando
    • Prison Guards
    • Herectic Leader
    • Heretic Sangheili Minor
    • Heretic Sangheili Major


    Halo Combat Evolved

    Halo 2

    Halo 3

    Halo 3: ODST

    Halo: Reach

    Halo 4

    Halo: Helljumper

    Halo Graphic Novel

    Halo: Uprising

    Halo Legends

    Halo: Blood Line

    Halo Wars

    Halo: Ghosts of Onyx

    Halo: Fall of Reach

    Halo: First Strike

    Halo: Evolution

    Halo: Contact Harvest

    Famous Elites

    The Arbiter, the most famous Sangheili/Elite.
    The Arbiter, the most famous Sangheili/Elite.


    Fleet Master Rtas 'Vadum

    Halo: Combat Evolved Easter Egg Elite (the one that hugs Sgt. Johnson)


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