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Elijah Jackson was once a legendary Baseball player who won the World Series twice and managed to inspire people from all over the States. At some point Elijah was stricken by an incurable disease similar to Lou Gehrig's that left the poor man in a vegetative state.
With his wife dead, the duty of caring for Elijah was taken on by his daughter Simone. Money was tight but thankfully a local shop owner known as Mr. Fieldman had been a long-time fan of Elijah's and was willing to pay a great deal of money for Elijah's possessions, including the baseball bat that had taken him to the World Series on both occasions.
However, despite the fact that selling the baseball bat could take care of all their bills and still have enough left to hire a nurse for at least two months, Simone was always hesitant to sell it as she knew it was her Father's most prized possession. 
One day, while going out to sell a hat Elijah owned, Simone was stalked by a group of robbers seeking to take the cash she got from Fieldman. Once she had returned home to Elijah, the robbers broke down the door and held Simone captive while searching for valuables.
But then, in the flash of an instant, a bright orb of energy broke into the house through the window and merged with Elijah, transforming him into the cosmic superhero known only as Captain Universe. Taking hold of his old baseball bat, Elijah struck the four robbers down and forced them to retreat from his home.
As he helped his daughter to her feet, Elijah explained to her that he had not been healed like she thought he had been and that The Uni-Power's job there was finished. 
As she watched The Uni-Power fly out their window in search of its next host, she begged her father to retain control over it so that he could finally be healed, but Elijah refused and told her that no matter what happens from that moment forth, that somewhere deep down he was there and that he would always love her.
With The Uni-Power gone, Elijah returned to his previous state of being and was caught by Simone as he began to fall. Elijah's current whereabouts remain unknown.

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