Elijah Cross

    Character » Elijah Cross appears in 23 issues.

    Depowered mutant and leader of the terrorist group X-Cell.

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    Elijah Cross was a depowered mutant who led the terrorist group X-Cell.  He and his group were convinced that the United States government was responsible for the depowering of the mutant population during the event now known as M-Day.

    After meeting with fellow depowered mutant Quicksilver, who had stolen and subsequently absorbed several Terrigen Mist crystals, Elijah and several of his fellow X-Cell members were seemingly repowered.  However, like with all of Quicksilver's previous recipients, the treatment had dire side-effects.  As a result, he spontaneously combusted during battle with the mutant team X-Factor Investigations.

    Powers and abilities

    Elijah Cross was once a mutant with the ability to increase his mass without changes in body shape and without any detriment to his regular speed or movement.

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