Elias Bogan

    Character » Elias Bogan appears in 47 issues.

    He is a formidable enemy of the X-Men and carries a particular animosity for Sage.

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    Brief History

    Elias Bogan was a wealthy recluse. He was a lord imperial of the New York branch of the Hellfire Club. Sebastian Shaw and he had a wager were if Bogan won he would win the telepath Emma Frost and if Bogan lost he would give his entire fortune to Shaw. Thanks to his Advisor Tessa Niles and beat Bogan at the poker game. Bogan would later capture Tessa and brand her face to punish tessa for defeating him. Shaw could have saved Tessa but decided to abandon her and she was saved by Storm.

    After a murder at his Alaskan Estate Bogan followed young mutant Jeffrey Garrett (whose family had been held prisoner by Bogan and his associates for their amusement), to the Xavier Institue. He took possesion of Emma Frost and again encountered Tessa now with her X-Men allies. Using the enslaved Rachel Summers he also gained access to Cerebra.

    He later tried to take control of Valle Soleada in California. Bogan's base was under the local X-Corporation headquarters. The grounds had originally been a branch of the Hellfire club. The x-men eventually inflitrated his base and freed Rachel but Bogan escaped. Bogan attacked the next day but X-Corporation member Magma had had enough and destroyed his base and the X-Corporation with Lava. Its doubtful he was killed by this.


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