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    Eli is the right hand man of Samuel Sullivan after Edgar was banished from the Carnival. He has the ability to replicate himself.

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        Eli was flirting with a woman who clearly was not interested in him only to be spotted by Tracy Strauss who wanted to recruit him to the carnival.Tracy learns that his name is Eli and wants to speak with him but when he touches his shoulder, the backpack fells down which he previously have stolen from the woman he was flirting with.A man in a green shirt realizes that and wants to arrest Eli but he shoots him dead and points the gun at Tracy claiming that he has his attentions for now than several Eli clones appear.Seeing that the carnival wants him, shoots down Tracy with cold blood but Tracy manages to survive due her ability and kills all of the clones but saw that the real Eli is on a boat running away.
       Tracy soon learned that Eli's clones are all hollowed inside and empty with no blood nor bone.She managed to track down a clone in Cape Town only to learn that the original Eli 'Omega Eli' or 'Prime Eli' is in town.Tracy found multiple clones driving taxis.Ultimately Tracy found the original Eli who was surprised that it took so long for her to track him down than claimed that he means no harm to her and shows a mine where hundreds of his clones work and replies 'Im just a working man'. 
        Tracy turned her body into ice and began destroying the clones which grabbed axes to kill her.Tracy commented on stopping and talking claiming that his family sent her to talk to him.The clones responded that they are all the family they needed,Tracy said that Samuel wanted him in the carnival and Eli looks surprised learning that Samuel Sullivan is in charge.He accepted the offer and joined the carnival after telling her that Joseph Sullivan was the one who sent him away in exile.


        After Edgar's departure, Samuel summoned Eli asking him if he will honor him of serving as his right hand man and he gladly accepts.Samuel told him to go to Noah Bennet's apartment and retrieve a box with 'Primatech' written over it.
        Eli arrived to Noah's apartment and unleashed an assault on Noah and Lauren while the Prime Eli was searching for a box and when he found it, left.
        After Claire Bennet joined the carnival Samuel ordered him to watch her every move and make sure that she doesn't leave. Claire became uncomfortable with this and ran away from him to the house of mirrors where he tricked in the prime Eli and knocked him out.
         After Samuel came back asked Eli to leave her alone.Confused,Eli obeyed. 
       After Noah and Matt Parkman set a trap Samuel Sullivan's by using his old girlfriend, Vanessa , Eli sneaked up behind Noah and knocked him out unconscious than after they arrived back to the carnival, he gain the mission to look over Vanessa.
       Eli overheard a conversation between Claire and Lydia of how her father is planning to raid the carnival and kill Samuel so he went straight to him and told him the plan.Samuel than ordered him to 'take care of the problem'.After Samuel began a speech he is shot in arm by a clone Eli than several other carnies are hurt badly and Lydia is killed.Eli's job was to distract the carnival people giving them someone far more worse than a villain which everybody thought was Samuel.After Prime Eli knocked unconscious Noah Bennet, dragged him to the carnival telling the others that it was Noah who was responsible for the shooting and Samuel ordered him to take Noah to the house of mirrors and Claire to his trailer.
    Next day, Tracy and Eli was helping evolved people to learn how to control their ability.After a long day Tracy thanked Eli for help and Eli told her that by the end of the day all problem will be solved.The first one was Noah Bennet,now he is captured, the second one is Tracy but not for long and as an evil grin appears on his face , a mysterious figure appeared behind Tracy with a knife planning to end her. 
    It was revealed that the mysterious girl was actually Becky but Tracy managed to get rid of her and both Tracy and Eli fought until Eli escaped.
    Eli was summoned by Samuel Sullivan to take care of a mutual problem:kill Peter Petrelli and Sylar.Eli obeyed and went to Matt Parkman's house where he confronted them. Sylar having a change of heart only subdues Eli leaving him unconscious giving Matt the opportunity to give him command to return to the Carnival and turn on Samuel, which he goes through challenging Samuel to tell them truth about him ordering Eli to attack the Carnival with a sniper killing Lydia.
    His whereabouts are not known.

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