Eli Morrow

    Character » Eli Morrow appears in 31 issues.

    The mysterious human spirit that brings Robbie Reyes back to life and inhabits his body, granting Robbie the powers of the All-New Ghost Rider.

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    "Ha, ha, ha! You made the right choice, kid! You and me, together... We're unstoppable" -- Eli Morrow.

    Robbie Reyes was co-created by Felipe Smith. He made his first appearance in All-New Ghost Rider #1, May 26, 2014.

    Major Story Arcs

    Engines of Vengeance


    Great Power


    Spirit of Eli Morrow

    A Russian mobster, a sadistic serial killer, a devoted Satanist... and Robbie's uncle. Eli W. Morrow escaped eternal damnation through Satanic rituals to once again walk among the living and resume his killing spree. Embedded in Robbie’s psyche, Eli feeds off his anger and despair, and in exchange gives Robbie the great power to change into the All-New Ghost Rider (All-New Ghost Rider #9 - Legend). A Hellish monster similar to a Ghost Rider with supernatural strength, speed, durability, regeneration, unlimited stamina and spewing Hellfire generation. There has never been a human spirit on human spirit Rider before, as such there are unique powers and anomolies found in Robbie’s bond unlike previous Riders. The ornate facial scarring, the discoloration in Robbie’s right eye, all of which respond directly to his emotional state. However, if Robbie gives in to his despair, and lets his negative feelings dominate, Eli Morrow can take over completely. A change displayed in pale skin and a fiery glow in both eyes (All-New Ghost Rider #8). Because Robbie is the first Rider of his kind, it is unknown how his powers will evolve, but Eli claims they get stronger everyday (All-New Ghost Rider #4 - Engines of Vengeance). Together their powers could be limitless.


    Through the process of bringing a freshly dead, compatible spirit back to life, the Spirit of Eli Morrow could inhabit and empower unassuming hosts at will. Now however, that Robbie Reyes has avenged Eli Morrow's death, their souls are eternally bonded. Eli can no longer jump from host to host and Robbie can never be rid of Eli Morrow's presence (All-New Ghost Rider #12).

    Intermediate Transformation

    Unlike a traditional Ghost Rider, Eli Morrow can give Robbie access to a fraction of the All-New Ghost Rider's strength, speed, and durability. When this transformation occurs Robbie's ornate facial scarring will illuminate and he may or may not exhibit Hellfire breath or steam (All-New Ghost Rider #7).

    Other Media

    Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    On Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, Eli is in prison for attempted manslaughter. It appears he's a "good man that did a bad thing." Eli raised Robbie and his brother Gabe. His involvement in the experiments involving a book called the Darkhold are revealed in the episode "The Good Samaritan" He is played by José Zúñiga.


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