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    Elfquest Volume 2 began in 1996 with an expanded staff of WaRP Graphics.

    Volume 2 was the next generation of elfquest, where Ember, the twelfth Wolfrider chief had unquestionably become the authority of her clan. By 1996, elfquest had expanded so thoroughly that Richard and Wendy Pini, the independently published comics' loyal creators decided to create a conglomeration of storylines within one monthly production. Thus, elfquest, Volume features the following stories:

    • Wild-Hunt
    • Fire-Eye
    • Rogue's Curse
    • Wave Dancers
    • Future Quest
    • Dreamtime
    • Wolfrider

    Rogue's Curse was the story of what happened to Rayek, after the completion of /elfquest-shards/49-5358/ , when the Djun had decided to slay his lover, the eternal Winnowill, who could shapeshift between elf and human form. When this happened, Winnowill's spirit was absorbed into Rayek completely, becoming his prisoner and he hers. It was his twisted fate to wander the world, Cainlike, under the remorse and fate of his sadistic companion. Ekuar, Rayek's former teacher, joined he and Winnowill along the path, providing comfort and bearing witness to the times where the impulse of Winnowill's desires overpowered Rayek's conscious self.

    Fire-Eye is the story of a group of orphans who live on a faraway continent within the World of Two Moons. The spirit of these youth marries with the spirit of elf, when Ge-oka, a promising lad, rendezvous with an elf and finds a shipwreck leaving much treasure behind. The young-band groups together, assisted by dogs rather than wolves, and join forces with an hydian witch in order to withstand Ahn-Li's political attempts to become the ruler of Port-City.

    The Wave Dancers are an unfamiliar breed of elves, but much like the Gliders and the Wolfriders, are descendents of the High Ones, in this saga, we are acquainted with this family of sea-elves (or Merelves) when a deadly plague threatens all life within the ocean!

    Wild Hunt tells the story of the aftermath of elfquest SHARDS, with Ember Kinseeker becoming the official chief of her wolfriders. In this saga, Winnowill's lingering presence has stirred a medieval township to fear and band against the demon-elves. A mysterious beast dwelling within a sea-cavern, devours "human sacrifices" from all humans who have beared witness unto the elves. Despite many attempts at good-will and diplomacy, the humans prove unwilling and ignorant against all moves towards friendship.

    Future Quest tells the story of jink, perhaps the last living elf (who is not sleeping through time, preserved in wrap stuff) on the future World of Two Moon's. She knows how to remain a mystery to the advanced race of humans who have built futuristic cities and have mastered flight and electricity.

    Dreamtime is a very open submission to the series of Elfquest, Volume 2! Most features within Dreamtime open with Leetah or Cutter telling Ember and Suntop a story to help them fall into dream. With Dreamtime, the character-identities were morphed the most, and guest artists were featured often. With Dreamtime, we saw humour and flexibility and the farthest divergence from the fixed style of artistry readers had seen from elfquest, as drawn by Wendy Pini.

    Wolfrider! is the story of Bearclaw, the father of Cutter Kinseeker before the Original elfquest series began. It is an interesting addition to elfquest. Since the Original elfquest began along a timeline that initiated shortly after Bearclaw's demise, many of the fans wondered who Cutter's late father really is. So published 19 years after the first, WaRP graphics decided to show what the wolfriders were like in their more natural beginnings.


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