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    Reprints the original series

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    The Epic ElfQuest issues are reprints of the original series published by WaRP Graphics. The original series was 36 pages per issue and the Epic series 22, requiring new pages to be added to nearly every issue to aid the transitions. It is the story of how Cutter Kinseeker brings his Wolfriding tribe through the desert, caves, mountain to unite the elves of Abode and find the Palace of The High-Ones.

    ElfQuest Series# of issuesyear
    Original Quest 201978-1984
    ElfQuest Marvel Comics Retelling321985-1988
    ElfQuest: Siege At Blue Mountain, Kings of the broken wheel8 + 91986-1990
    ElfQuest: Hidden Years, Shards29 + 161992-1994
    ElfQuest: New Blood351992-1994
    ElfQuest: Blood of Ten Chiefs201992-1994
    ElfQuest: Jink & The Rebels12 + 121994
    ElfQuest: Two-Spear & Kahvi5 + 61994-1995
    ElfQuest: Wave Dancers<101993-1996
    ElfQuest Volume 2 Wolfrider, Dreamtime--1994-1995
    ElfQuest Volume 2 Fire-Eye, Rogue's Curse, Wolfrider, FutureQuest331995-1996

    Wendy Pini and Richard Pini had long held a belief in reprinting back issues for readers who were not introduced to the tale of Cutter Kinseeker and his rogue band of Wolfriders. Priding themselves as a staple within the identity of counter-the-current independent publishing. The couple temporarily delegated its publishing responsibility for the retelling of the original ElfQuest. Instead of being published once every four months, Wendy & Richard Pini saw Marvel comics as a gateway to the pulse of comic readers.

    Many people who had grown to love the resilience and versatility were in denial. On one hand, there was no comparison of the marvel artists who adapted Wendy Pini's elves to the sheer brilliance of the original work. Never again would the elves retain their innocence and raw wolf-bonded expression. The Marvel edition features less pages, advertisements in the middle of its page, and with more issues finished re-telling Cutter's story in less time.

    The style of dress adapted a more human quality attuned with the culture of the American 1980's. More emphasis was placed on certain crucial characters such as Tyldak in ElfQuest #19, who were only minor characters before. In this way, there is a more elaborate detailing of a character's personality. Essentially, the overall tone of the characters did not change.


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