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elfQuest: Shards is Fifteen Episodes-and-One, published by an expanded Shop at Wendy & Richard Pini's WaRP Graphics studio. It ran a parallel 'rural-based' storyline called ElfQuest: Hidden Years, where Ember is the new Wolfriders Chieftain and meets Teir. Skywise becomes overbearing and unwanted in this other series, and rides with Timmain to meet with Aroree and activate the SHARDs in Aroree

The first issue of SHARDs features the new grouping of Cutter's Battalion, featuring the following units:

Drub and Flam are Trolls that join Cutter's force when they hear the promise of treasure. The will become bonded to Mender in this series.

Win-no-Will and VenoVel

"The Black Snake", the former Gliders ruler after Lord Voll, Winnowill has developed morphic-capability. She grew a "fifth finger" and bethrothed herself to the most powerful of humans, the Warlord Grohmul Djun, and calling herselv "VENOVEL". Her Child, the Half-Troll Half-Elf Two-Edge built the citadel Palace for the human ruler, and speaks to her by "sending" through the walls of his masterpiece.

Assassins come for VenoVel and stab her through the heart, but her morphic- closes the knife in her chest, while she spins and delivers a death-blow to the culprit whil the other assassin runs away.

It is shown that with VenoVel as advisor, the Grohmul Djun has become pure evil.


Shuna is fully grown human female who knew of the elves growing up. Before the elves came to Citadel City, she tried to lead the peasants in an insurrection, but could not convince anyone but her small-band to join forces until Cutter's arrival.


Rayek has grown to love Winnowill. Because of him, Winnowill cannot maintain her human form. When the Djun murders her (as Winnowill), her soul is sucked into the body of Rayek, which becomes the impetus for #Rogue's Curse in ElfQuest Volume 2. She grows less humanlike and more elf-like as the series progresses, and this is largely due to Rayek's persistence in winning winnowill.


Skot (ElfQuest: Shards #10) and Zhantee (ElfQuest: Shards #12) joined The High-Ones in this saga. Many humans die. Clearbrook's wolf.

16 and 21

Though SHARDS is a sixteen part miniseries, it is a story that originally began with ElfQuest: Hidden Years #9.5, and in total, it has twenty one issues in its story. These also include Hidden Years #11-14.

Collected Editions


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