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Picknose becomes King of the Trolls. Nightfall purges Redlance of all his memory associated with the recent battle of the troll-raid in the Go-Backs' den. One-Eye's spirit is released and finally joins the family-bond with all elves including The High-Ones.

What have we learned from the original Quest?

Picknose reunites with Oddbit and becomse the new King of the united Trolls, but the elves enter the final tunnel that leads to the Palace of the The High-Ones. The sending that emanates from the Palace becomes clear to all of the elftribes as Cutter, Kahvi, and Skywise reach forward to claim their birthright and greatest hope.

Timmain Revealed

Unrevealed until now, Timmain was one of the starving wolves who had been waiting for Cutter in the Troll-Pit (EQ#16). She is immortal both as Wolf & elf, being a High One. When the elves arrive at the Palace, she morphs into her elven self, and escorts the warriors on a tour.

We find that Petalwing, as a trained Preserver is crucial to assistingg Timmain in opening the more intricate corridors within the palace.

Note: the trolls had always believed that the Palace was worthless, being unable to penetrate into the Sanctum without the Preservers. This came from wandering the perimeter and never understanding its subtler secrets.

Finally, we discover Suntop's true gift: Timmain leads the elves into the room holding the scroll of colours. She sits herself on the throne of the High Ones, wrapped in preserver silk, and soon the scroll begins to tell its story through Suntop. Suntop's body becomes suspended, just as in EQ#14 and Timmain speaks through him. Through the scroll of colors the true story of how the High Ones came to bethe elves on the World of Two Moons is related. Under this mind-control, he explains to the Wolfriders and Go-Backs the secret origin of The High-Ones and the troll-mutiny within the Palace.

This is the dream come true for all elves, who can now live forever after with peace and prosperity.

Rayek decides to stay within the Palace and study/meditate until all of its knowledge is revealed unto him.


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