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As the Original Quest begins [reprinted w/colors added] the humans have captured Redlance and have begun to torture him in preparation for sacrificing him to their god, Gotara. A brief history flashback tells the bare-bones story of how the high-ones came to The World of Two Moons and how the humans reacted in fear and hatred, killing many of them. An artistic segue of two of the High Ones, morphs into Cutter & Skywise as they assess the situation.

Cutter leads the males of his tribe to rescue Redlance, killing the human Tabak before he can murder the gentle tracker. On his way out of the human village with Redlance slung over Nightrunner's back, Cutter delivers a warning to the human Spirit-Man to leave them alone and the Wolfriders return to their woodland holt, Goodtree's Rest.

As the elves do what little they can to heal Redlance and ease his pain, the Spirit-Man encourages the human villagers to pursue the elves into the forest and burn it down to cleanse it of the "demon" infestation. Despite Cutter's assertation that burning the forest will be just as bad for the human tribe as for the WolfRider tribe, the Spirit-Man still sets the forest afire.

So, the elves are forced to invade the caverns of the trolls. This issue concludes as Picknose leads Cutter and his tribe to the troll-king, Greymung the Shiftless.


In an article from Archie Goodwin he admits his chagrin at being one of the Marvel editors who turned the Pinis away when they first started publishing the title and apologizes. In this essay it is revealed that the new colors for the interiors have been provided by Glynis Wein.


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