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Elfqueen was born hundreds of years ago, after meeting her husband Gom she transported them both to the area that is now Virginia. Once there she cast a spell to keep them forever young and one on their home so it could not be found. After several millennia Gom grew bored and long to go to the city. Linnea was against this but gave in and went with her husband and saw how much the world had changed. Unable to speak the language Gom got into a fight and the police came. When they tried to confiscate his sword Gom fought back and the police maced him and put him in cuffs. Elfqueen came to her lovers aid with her energy bolts and freed him. When she tried to get him to come home he grew angry and struck her. Leaving him in the city, she returned home to her glade. Gom continued his ways and was killed by the police. Linnea returned to the city when she sensed her husbands death. Enraged she attacked the city and the Avengers were summoned to stop her. She quickly overcame Iron Man, Thor and Tigra. Captain America tried to convince her that they did not want to fight her but she was struck by Hank Pym's sting and grew more angry. Eventually Captain America was able to calm her and she returned to her home in the glade once more.


Elfqueen is a sorceress with super strength, telekinesis, levitation, energy bolts and the ability to animate inanimate objects.

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