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    Elephant is a supervillain that wears an elephant costume that is bonded to his skin. He is super strong and has perfect memory, but he isn't very smart.

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    Character Information

    Height: 6' 4" (in suit 6' 7")

    Weight: 460 lbs (in suit 610 lbs)

    Eyes: Brown

    Hair: Unknown

    Strength level: The Elephant possesses superhuman strength allowing him to lift 15 tons under optimal conditions.


    Little is known of the past of the super-criminal known as Elephant. The process by which he became super-strong and how his synthetic hide became bonded to his flesh are still a mystery. Due either to a natural criminal inclination or an inability to live normally in society, Elephant turned to a life of crime. Over the years he took part in many crimes as an individual, a henchmen or a partner. During one such criminal venture, Elephant was confronted by Invincible. The new hero made quick work of the villain despite boasts about his toughness. Incapacitated after his battel with Invincible, Elephant was taken to the federal penitentiary for super powered criminals. He remains incarcerated there and has been seeing using his free time for reading.

    Powers and Equipment

    The chemical structures of the Elephant's Physiological make-up have been altered by unknown means granting him enhanced physical strength and denser body mass, a higher degree of resistance to physical injury, increased stamina and accelerated recuperative powers. It has been speculated that the Elephant also possesses a photographic or eidetic memory, also referred to as total recall, which is the ability to recall images, sounds or objects in memory with great accuracy and in seemingly unlimited volume. Unfortunately the Elephant possesses a low to below average intellect and has yet to apply his augmented memory abilities in a manner that could aid him in his criminal endeavors.


    The Elephant is clad in a thickly cast, synthesized polymer hide that is similar to an elephant's skin that exhibits a material property called "strain rate sensitivity". Under normal conditions the molecules within the material are weakly bound and can move past each other with ease, making the material flexible. But the shock of sudden deformation causes the chemical bonds to strengthen and the moving molecules to lock, turning the material into a more solid, protective shield. It cover's his entire body except for his face, and has a small sealable seam through which he can eliminate waste. It is highly impervious to damage, able to resist explosions equaling the impact of a small anti-tank weaponry and temperature extremes between 75 degrees Fahrenheit and 1,200 degrees fahrenheit. Two tusks, 2 and a half feet in length extend outward from below his chin, constructed around an inner core of titanium. They are capable of denting 2 inch thick plate steel when the Elephant rams it at full speed from 15 feet away.

    Note: The Elephant's "hide" is not removeable as it was bonded around him in a manner that melded the connecting segments, creating an almost seamless one piece suit, permanently encasing the man underneath. The force necessary to puncture the synthetic hide would most likely cause irreparable damage to the individual beneath the artificial skin.


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