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Not much is known about Elendira's past, except for the fact that he accompanied Knives and Legato, since he was a young boy, he is called the thirteenth Gung Ho Guns member, the strongest of them all. He is very loyal to Knives and is also very jealous of Legato.

Bottom of the Dark

 Elendira first appeared when he had a little chat on a phone, he had a little talk with Knives, about Vash and he began to wonder if Knives was jealous of Vash, saying that he could hear it in the way Knives speaks. He also noted that the Gung Ho Guns had become smaller and that he will take care of Vash. Apparently  Knives didn't want Vash killed or for him to kill everyone using his Angel Arm, Elendira then jumped in and with little effort stopped Legato, he was quickly recognized by Wolfwood, who called Elendira the Crimsonnail the most powerful of the Gung Ho Guns. Elendira then takes Legato and lives.

Cross X

Elendira and Legato talked about what Legato's purpose was, and about the two new members of the Gung Ho Guns, Chapel the Evergreen and Livio the Double Fang, when they arrived they brought two intruders and a army of members Eye of Michael organization. Elendira then accompanied Knives and the doctor that healed Knives, to the plant that was on the central ship, unfortunately they were disturbed by a scientist, but when the plant died, Knives went very mad, he killed the scientist and when he was told that he and Vash were also dying he killed the doctor. Moments later he, Legato, Chapel and Livio witnessed Knives's ability to absorb other plants, after that Elendira said that he doesn't know if anyone will survive what Knives had in stored for everyone. When Vash and Wolfwood, Elendira greeted them, but only let Vash go see Knives, stood with Wolfwood outside, Livio and Chapel the came and tried to fight Wolfwood, but they were calmed down by Elendira who said that he would kill them all if the didn't stopped. The two left, but not before threatening Wolfwood a little. During the battle between Vash and Knives, Legato came to Elendira demanding that he stopped the battle but he didn't listen, so Legato left to save Knives alone. Elendira, Knives and Legato took Vash prisoner and took him for a little ride on the original ship. After Vash's escape he tried to stop Knives from following Vash, but failed.

Zero Hour

He is later seen on Knives's Ark, where he tries to kill Legato, he then has a little chat with Zazie about how Livio and Razlo joined forces Vash the Stampede, and about Zazie's plants for coexisting with humans or plants. He is take down with ease by Zazie's worms. As soon as Knives destroys Zazie, Elendira attacks Livio, he sends his nails in Livio's stomach, thinking that Livio is dead, Elendira orders the kids that Livio was protecting that they should bury his body, but Livio was not finished and goes after Elendira, soon Elendira finds him.

Double Duel

During the duel between Livio and Elendira, Elendira decided to change clothes, he took of his jacket, only to show a type of armor beneath, one that would increase his strength and speed. From what Elendira said, when he impaled Livio the second time, he was the third man he had to remove his restrain armor, in order to defeat. But Elendira didn't killed Livio, he just made Razlon come out and play, he was quicker and stronger than Livio, but Razlo wouldn't last long against Elendira. Elendira would launch from his armor thousands of nails that crushed Razlo's body, Elendira then ripped his head of and through it to the side. But they were still breathing, Razlo and Livio teamed up against Elendira, Elendira is later impaled by Livio, who uses the last tube of serum to heal himself, when he was held down by Elendira. He then impales Elendira, with one of his own nails. The battle was finally over, Livio had won and Elendira had lost. Elendira's dead body is later used by Legato to threaten Vash in killing Livio, Legato is killed moments later by Vash. 

Powers and abilities

Elendira the Crimsonnail, the Lost Number Thirteen as Wolfwood called him, is considered the most powerful of the Gung Ho Guns, he uses the briefcase as a crossbow that shots giant nails, instead of arrows. He also has a restriction armor, he fought with it disabled only three, by disabling it he increases his speed and strength many times.

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