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    The warrior princess of an African tribe that has a cultural tradition of fighting, Elena is a skilled combatant who practices the Brazilian art of Capoeira.

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    "My accent? I must have picked it up in my travels." - Elena (Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike)

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    Elena was born in Kenya, Africa, however practices the Afro-Brazilian martial art form Capoeira, which combines elements of martial arts, music, and dance. It was created in Brazil, by slaves that were brought there from Africa sometime during the sixteenth century. Elena uses her long, muscular legs to create dance-like moves and fancy legwork to defeat her opponents in battle. Elena's father, the chief of her tribe, also happens to be a witch doctor. He graduated from a university in France with a PhD in medicine.

    Elena's viewpoint on fighting and the martial arts differs from most others. She has a caring, light-hearted personality which enables her to make friends in her travels, while seriously annoying others. Elena wishes to journey around the world, making new friends along the way. She studied briefly as a foreign exchange student in Japan, where she met her best friend, Narumi. She also became good friends with Ibuki, and to a lesser extent, Makoto (who wished to challenge her to battle).

    Elena would later go on to continue her studies in France.

    Background and Aspirations

    Elena is the daughter of an African chief. In her first ending, Elena is transferred to a Japanese school, where she writes home to her village about her many school and Street Fighter experiences. In Street Fighter III: Third Strike Elena had left her Japanese school for an entire year and as a result, had begun studying abroad in France.

    Super Street Fighter 4

    Elena Super Street Fighter 4 Render
    Elena Super Street Fighter 4 Render

    Elena was one of the fan favorites for Super Street Fighter 4, but was cut from the list at the last minute.

    Street Fighter X Tekken

    Elena is one of twelve characters that will be released on the vita edition of Street Fighter X Tekken. She will be released as DLC on the console versions of the game. Elena made her 3D debut in Street Fighter X Tekken on July 13, 2012. Alongside Dudley, appearing as her partner.

    In her story, Elena finds herself summoned to Dudley's estate--as she explains to the British boxer, she was told by a tree in his garden that the two of them must take a journey to Antarctica. While Dudley agrees to accompany the young woman, he insists that he return in time for his next title bout. Along the way, the two meet Tekken's Christie Monteiro and Lei Wulong, the former of which Elena asks to spar with. Christie agrees, and the two men are dragged into the fight with them.

    While Dudley was less than thrilled about the journey to begin with, it turns out that Elena's cheerful demeanor helped make it a fun trip. As Pandora opens, it creates a geyser of light, reminding Elena of "flowers falling from the sky"--prompting Dudley to invite her to his garden. Returning to Britain, Elena told the tree who summoned her all about the trip, and the tree seemed to be listening intently.

    Ultra Street Fighter IV

    Elena in Ultra Street Fighter IV.
    Elena in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

    Elena is set to appear in the 2014 update to Super Street Fighter IV, called Ultra Street Fighter IV, alongside Poison, Hugo, Rolento, and a new mystery character.

    Fighting Style & Special Abilities

    Elena's official fighting style is Capoeira. Her attacks consist entirely of kicks - even her throw is a kick. She is the only Street Fighter character to only use kicks. She is one of the only characters who can use a special art, which is Healing. She regain up to 1/3 of her life power with this.


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    Elena is a tall African girl of at least six feet. She has white hear, and uncharacteristically blue eyes. She wears a white two-piece bikini, She has long,powerful legs. She walks and fights completely barefoot. She is the tallest woman, and one of the tallest overall fighters of all. She wears red, sky-blue, purple, red and orange variants on her neck, arms, forearms, legs, shins, and thighs. Her outfit arguably shows more skin than any character.


    The exotic Elena.
    The exotic Elena.

    Elena is one of the most popular Street Fighter III Characters. She was the second most requested character for Street Fighter 4, behind Alex.


    Street Fighter III

    • Leg Lift Throw
    • Handstand Kick
    • Sliding +
    • Rhino Horn
    • Mallet Smash
    • Scratch Wheel
    • I Spinning Beat
    • II Brave Dance

    Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact

    • Leg Lift Throw
    • Knee Attack
    • Handstand Kick
    • Sliding
    • (EX) Rhino Horn
    • (EX) Mallet Smash
    • (EX) Spin Scythe
    • (EX) Scratch Wheel
    • I Spinning Beat
    • II Brave Dance
    • III Healing
    • Target Combos

    Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

    • Body Slam
    • Knee Attack
    • Handstand Kick
    • Handstand Whip
    • Round Arch
    • Sliding
    • (EX) Rhino Horn
    • (EX) Mallet Smash
    • (EX) Spin Scythe
    • (EX) Scratch Wheel
    • (EX) Lynx Tail
    • I Spinning Beat
    • II Brave Dance
    • III Healing


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    • Street Fighter III
    • Pocket Fighter
    • Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact
    • Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
    • Street Fighter III: Double Impact
    • Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix
    • Capcom vs SNK 2
    • SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash
    • Street Fighter Alpha Anthology
    • Was rumored and started to be developed for Super Street Fighter 4.


    (In a Japanese village, Elena runs down an inclined street at high speed with her bike. She is dressed in a Japanese school uniform dress.)

    Elena: "Dear dad and mom, how are you doing? I've traveled the world, and finally have found a place to call home. It's a strange country, but like father told me, 'Friendship is universal.' "

    (Narumi, a girl with short light brown hair, glasses, and wearing the same Japanese school uniform dress, is also riding her bike behind Elena. She rides more carefully than Elena, and has a worried face.)

    Narumi: "Elena, you're going too fast! It's dangerous!"

    (Close-up of Elena's happy face, with cherry blossom leaves falling around her.)

    Elena: "Don't worry! I can handle it. This summer vacation, I want to introduce my friends to you. Narumi is my best friend."

    (Picture of Elena and her "human" friends with Elena's "animal" friends. Elena is in the middle, raising her hand and with a happy face, with a monkey on her shoulder. Narumi is hugging a lion cub. At the right, a girl with long brown hair and with a slightly tanned skin, contemplates a rhino with surprise. The rhino has some birds atop it. At the left, a girl with long black hair fixed in a ponytail and a ribbon looks at Elena, with a giraffe at her side. Behind them all, in the background, is an elephant.)


    • "Jambo" - (Swahili for Hello)
    • "What did you think of my finishing move?"
    • "You don't have any rhythm!"
    • "Maybe you should take up another skill! Why not try mountain biking?"
    • "Did you let me win? No one can be THAT bad!"
    • "I think we can be friends. You think so too, right?"
    • "African earth is my teacher! You must learn to respect it!"
    • "I felt your rhythm!"
    • "Will you fight me again someday? I think it's wonderful!"
    • "It was a great fight! I wanted it to last forever!"
    • "I'll never forget about today's fight!"
    • "I had a problem timing myself to your moves. Are you tone-deaf?"
    • "I'm so pleased to have fought with you!"
    • vs. Ibuki: "You move like a wild animal, but have the quickness of a cat!"
    • vs. Necro: "You have incredibly long reach. But your moves are slow!"
    • vs. Sean: "You want to fight me again? You have the heart of a lion, but the power of a kitten!"
    • vs. Oro: "Are you O.K. old man? Are you hurt?"
    • vs. Elena: "I hate copycats!"
    • vs. Ryu: "Did I help you in your training?"
    • vs. Dudley: "Boxing is a beautiful sport! But this fight was no game!"
    • vs. Alex: "You're the man who has the wild eyes!"
    • vs. Yun: "You're young, but you're a respectable warrior!"
    • vs. Yang: "I can feel the eternal history in your moves. Next time, try harder!"
    • vs. Ken: "My dad told me to watch out for guys like you!"


    • Birthplace: Kenya, Africa
    • Birth date: September 18
    • Dislikes: Serious Individuals
    • Enjoys: Traveling / Making New Friends
    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Hair Color: White
    • Primary Rival: Makoto
    • Height: 6' (183 cm)
    • Weight: 120 lbs (54 kg)
    • Fighting style: Capoeira
    • First game: Street Fighter III
    • Moveset: Rhino Horn, Mallet Smash, Spin Scythe, Scratch Wheel, Lynx Tail

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